When do we recommend “Turner 3300”?

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When do we recommend ” Turner 3300?

This portable pallet inverter is a versatile device allowing the pallet-changing operation to be completed by turning the load. Due to its special system, it doesn’t require a lot of pressure on the load; therefore, the pallet replacement can take place in a simple, quick, and safe way.

Turner 3300 is one of the most iconic pallet changing solutions in our range of products. Mainly used by the graphic industries to rotate piles of paper by 180°, the first of its kind was produced over 40 years ago. In the years, the mobile turner 3300 has been upgraded in order to satisfy the request of pallet changing from the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and many other industries .
Today, after continuous improvement and more than 10,000 devices being supplied all over the world, the Mobile Turner 3300 is one of the most innovative machines, and in this blog you will find out why.

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The original portable pallet inverter “Turner 3300”

This solution doesn’t require a dedicated area within the warehouse for the pallet changing operation. It is a really versatile system that Improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

portable pallet inverter

Method of pallet changing with portable pallet inverter

portable pallet inverter

Operations that tilt and rotate the load allows an easy and quick way to change the pallet. Thanks to this method, we highly recommend this machine for the handling of bags, bigbags, b

oxes and many other products. Essentially, all products which can undergo a momentary upside down rotation are suitable to be handled by the Mobile Turner 3300.


Performance of 20 pallet x hour

The machine has a maximum performance of 20 pallets x hour. If you are looking for a higher performance machine, have a look at these high-speed solutions.


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Battery autonomy

Turner 3300 is equipped with a rechargeable 210Ah gel battery. According to the customer, the autonomy is around 8 hours of work. The gel battery doesn’t require any type of maintenance. These batteries are much safer than traditional ones: since there is no free liquid inside, they do not present the risk of accidental acid leaks and, above all, they do not produce harmful fumes.

Easy to handle

Handling our portable pallet inverter doesn’t require any particular skills. All the available operations are well indicated in the control panel placed on the machine. Turner 3300 is equipped with a tiller which allows easy use for the drive of the equipment.

Safety equipment:portable pallet inverter

– Key Selector: The machine is equipped with a key selector OFF/ON to prevent non-authorized personnel from performing operations.
– Emergency Button: In case of a critical circumstance, the power supply can be interrupted by pressing the emergency button on the control panel.
– Breaking System: The throttle, a hold to run control, controls the translation and automatically returns to neutral. The truck stops a short distance after the throttle has been released.
– Acoustic Indicator: The horn is an acoustic warning signal used by the operator to indicate his arrival in areas with reduced visibility.
– Safety Reversed: The truck is fitted with an additional safety device which protects the operator from injuries when walking in front of the truck.



The Mobile Turner 3300 requires standard maintenance like a normal electric pallet lifter. With the purchase of Topindustries equipment, we supply all the necessary documentation. For example, an instruction manual and a complete maintenance schedule chart, where the operator could follow the instructions to safely and easily complete.

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Suitable for GMA pallet

This portable pallet inverter is suitable for all kinds of pallet, especially for the GMA and BLUE Chep pallet,
Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information, video material, drawing and quotations. Our commercial specialists will take care of you and will work to find the proper solution suitable for your needs.

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