How to use a Pallet Inverter (New 2024 Machine)

How to use a pallet Inverter?

The goal of the following blog is to inform all users of the different methods of pallet inverters.
You will find that the devices are always very simple and intuitive and the operator function is very standardized.

At the same time, we will  show how pallet inverter are capable to be customized in their movements in order to satisfy every need. 

Discovering the Pallet Inverter

Pallet inverters are very simple easy-to use machines. They bring advantages in terms of:

  • Save time;
  • Decrease accidents;
  • Decrease in company internal costs

how to use a pallet inverter

The functions of a pallet inverter

The main function of pallet inverter is to change products from an old pallet to a new one for several reasons. Of a legislative and organizational nature for the correct functioning of the internal warehouse. In fact, unexpected events are limited or in any case, when they arise, resolved immediately, as in the case of damaged pallets or products.

The pallet exchange operation can be done in many different ways thanks to the solutions present in the Top Industries production range. The different types will be explored in the article to inform you about the very wide variety of choices that the Italian company offers.

Among the various options, however, the manual operation is still widespread. Obviously it turns out to be, not only the slowest, but also the least precise. Most subject to errors and also the most physically weary.

Studies on pallet inverters

According to studies carried out over the years, several certified models have been created on the negative influence of physical exertion in the workplace and high levels of stress. Through the use of automatic pallet inverters, in addition to drastically reducing the time taken for the operation, stress levels are also reduced and consequently productivity and performance increase. Companies, therefore, derive multiple benefits from the use of these economic and productive equipment.

how to use a pallet inverter

Over 50 types of pallet changers 

In our range of production there are over 50 models of pallet changer that carry out the pallet exchange operation with different methods, depending on the production flow, depending on the type of product and depending on the space available in the warehouse.

Each of these factors determines a specific pallet changing solution. Over the years, the company has developed over 50 pallet changing solutions because the variants of these combined factors generate a specific pallet exchanger. The customer’s need has allowed the company to develop, year after year, increasingly customized solutions suitable for each specific case.

The speed of a pallet changer

Each of these technologies, depending on the operation, reaches different cycle speeds until reaching the maximum performance of over 100 pallets / h.

Comparing market data, Top Industries’ solutions are the most efficient and fastest. Our solutions are able to replace the pallet in less than 40 seconds, 24 hours a day.

how to use a pallet inverter

Pallet exchanger technologies

Depending mainly on the type of product to be handled, there is a specific pallet exchanger technology. We have designed and patented solutions that rotate the load, overturn the load, push the load, or change pallets that move the pallet sideways without overturning the product.

Obviously, the greater the time saved, the greater the decrease in cost of the company using the pallet inverter.

Going more into the specifics of the practical operation, as already mentioned, the use is slightly different depending on the technology chosen:

  • By rotation through this machine the load is rotated; therefore, it cannot manage all types of products. It is the historical machine of the market, as well as the least technological.

The machine has a very simple operation: the load is placed on the appropriate base, after which the upper platform will lower, blocking the product and at this point the actual operation will begin. There are 4 phases: the overturning of the product at 180 °, the release of the load to allow the manual replacement of the new pallet, the second locking of the product and the final rotation to bring the load into position with the consequent release.
The Toppy line, however, offers patented solutions that, with the help of automation, are able to halve the times, providing the same result, reducing the effort. Through the “Hands Free” inverter, it is possible to automatically replace the pallet once the load has been rotated 180 ° through the automatic sliding of the pallets managed by the machine itself.

  • By overturning through this line of pallet inverters the load is overturned, but it can still handle a large number of products. The operation of this machine is similar to the previous one, but with one substantial difference: it is not necessary to manually insert and center the pallet. The load is in fact placed on the appropriate base with two sides of the pallet in contact with the two vertical extensions that help centering. At this point the load is blocked by the base and the upper platform for the start of the operation. It consists of 4 steps: the overturning of the load to 120 °, the return of the base to the initial position together with the old pallet, the manual replacement of the pallet and finally the overturning of the new base with the consequent return to the initial position of the entire load.

    The Toppy line, however, offers patented solutions that with the help of automation, are able to halve the times, providing the same result, reducing the effort more. In fact, by using an L-shape minilogy it is possible to avoid that, once the load has been overturned, the base returns to its initial position to carry out the replacement as it is the machine itself, through an automated system that carries out the operation. Two of the four steps listed are avoided.

  • By pushing through the use of this machine, all types of products can be managed. The operation of the machine is safe and fast and does not overturn the products. The whole load is placed at the end of the base. Subsequently, through the use of a controller, the pressers can be brought to the sides, which will slightly raise the product. A presser on the back will bring the load forward. Finally, once the load has been centered on the new pallet, it can be placed and released.

    Toppy always offers an alternative and innovative solution. In fact, through the Easy changer, a patented pallet changer, the load is inserted into the base. Subsequently, it is blocked and raised with the use of side pressers in order to allow the operator to insert the new pallet by pushing the old one on the back. Finally, the machine will autonomously stack the used pallets.

  • For lateral movement through the use of this machine all types of products can be managed as the load is not overturned. The operator, after inserting the battery into the base, can use a controller to operate the pressers. These will press the products sideways and delicately, which will be slightly raised and, following the machine, moved to the new pallet.

This system is very effective as the risks are minimized. However, it can be improved through the use of patented Toppy technology. With the Falcon Wings, in fact, there is a real upgrade of technology. This pallet changer is equipped with two blades that are automatically inserted at the base in order to give greater stability to the load.

Types of pallet changers 

In addition to the different technologies that lead to a different use of the machines, it is possible to use a second classification method:

Fixed machines are all those pallets inverters / pallet changers to which a specific space in the warehouse must be dedicated as they must be installed and cannot be moved. The dimensions of these devices are very variable and are part of the production range of all world competitors. The pallet inverters were conceived and designed to be immobile machines also due to the type of production and warehouse management of the past decades.

How to use a pallet inverter
Nonetheless, TopIndustries has managed to refresh the offer by remaining tied to history, but by implementing technologies that increase safety and productivity. Stationary machines are usually suitable for department stores, but there are also solutions such as the “L-shape Minilogy” which focuses on the automation and compactness of the machine itself. The use of these devices are very intuitive; in fact, the load will be carried to the base of the pallet changer and then carry out the operation with the aid of a different controller depending on the machine. Mobile machines are a unique feature in the market and in the TopIndustries production range.

The best pallet changers

These pallet changers are all compact, agile, and do not require a space dedicated to the operation. As for the previous type, it is possible to use any type of technology by choosing the relative machine.

Mobile devices also make it possible for small and medium-sized companies, with small warehouses, to speed up production, saving time, and resources.They are powered by fully electric motors and are very quick to move. Depending on the very different target audience, they also represent a cheaper solution. These mobile devices are therefore innovative due to their new concept. The use is extremely versatile since, unlike the fixed devices, it will be the pallet changers themselves that will be led to the pallets for replacement.

Finally, the pallet transfer systems are also part of the production range, for which there is no need for any operator to assist the operation. They are solutions suitable for automatic warehouses, consequently the level of automation must be state-of-the-art and adaptable to all possible situations.

These systems also use the aforementioned technologies; therefore, depending on the type of product, each customer can choose the system that best suits their needs and the machines in the warehouse.
The use in this case is the simplest since once the systems have been installed by our engineers, it will be sufficient to place the products at the beginning of the line each time to ensure that they are processed independently by the system through the use of roller conveyors to transport the loads.

Intuitive pallet inverters

The pallet inverters are very simple and intuitive machines to use and at the same time bring great advantages in logistic operations. Furthermore, they are adaptable to any need for volume of use and type of movement required. At the same time, however, they maintain a standardization of user behavior precisely to simplify their use as much as possible and not create misunderstandings for different pallet inverters.