Pallet Changing System | For US Market

In the food and pharmaceutical sector, especially in the US, many companies are constantly evolving and looking for pallet changing system to reduce costs, speed up processes, increase margins, and safeguard staff.

In the last decade, another factor of analysis has been added: technological progress. 

Many companies are looking for pallet changing system

Consequently, the continuous increase in industrial automation has developed in all phases of internal management, from the entry and exit of goods, and products to internal production. TopIndustries carries forward the values ​​of innovation through a varied selection of systems in the production range that are able to change the pallet in a completely automatic way

We install these automatic pallet exchanger systems for multinational companies all around the world, especially in United States.  

stationary pallet changer

The evolution of logistics in the warehouse with pallet changing systems

Over the years, technology has made great strides and TopIndustries Inc stays ahead. 

One of the reasons this happens is because of the constant need to improve performance, warehouse efficiency, speed up operations, and much more. 

We are able to calculate your ROI based on the type of investment and your company.

Pallet exchanger within the chemical industry

The automation of pallet changing system 

The solutions that Top Industries Inc designs arises from the needs of the market. 

The problem that arises is therefore how to obtain less waste of materials and time, increasing the speed in very technologically advanced contexts. With pallet transfer systems, the trend that is manifesting itself especially in recent years, is the increase in the demand for automation. For all types of markets, this is an unparalleled change as it profoundly revolutionizes all internal processes. 

Labor is completely replaced with the presence of automatic systems, which in the long run favors a net decrease in operator costs. The pandemic situation has also contributed to this transition. In fact, when all unnecessary activities were suspended, companies that owned automated warehouses were not affected by any slowdown. The combination of events has therefore led to a further acceleration in the automation of storage processes. 

In such a scenario, Toppy with TopIndustries Inc has evolved its production line by adding a new pallet changing line to satisfy this type of need as well. 

How fully pallet changing systems works 

Just as our mobile and stationary pallet exchangers available in TopIndustries’ production range, the fully automatic pallet changer systems are also able to manage any type of product with different replacement methods: load tipping, load rotation, lateral clamping, or pushing. 

One of the determining factors of these systems is the absence of staff dedicated to carrying out the operation. The result of the implementation, consequently, is an automatic management of products on pallets. Fully automatic pallet changers meet the needs of companies in the new decade. Increases in productivity, reduced costs, and zero waste are ensured. 

Automatic pallet exchanger systems are especially dedicated to large companies with a consistent flow of products to manage. 

Change more than 100 pallet per hour with TopIndustries

TopIndustries is the only company in the world capable of handling more than 100 pallets per hour. 

When the need arises, the improvement in speed and money saving justifies the choice of an automatic pallet changer. In the United States, where large multinationals historically prevail, there are so many consistent flows of incoming and outgoing products where TopIndustries is working on.  

pallet changing system

Difficulties of changing automatically the pallet 

The operation that TopIndustries takes care of, through pallet changing systems, is one of the most delicate and challenging within an automatic warehouse. In addition to being the most variable, it is also the one that can arise the most serious problems. 

TopIndustries is able to provide an automatic solution able to manage many types of pallets with different products in a very small space in a super fast way.

wooden pallets
plastic pallets

 Our added Values with logistics lines 

TopIndustries, by supplying a fully automatic pallet changing system, is able to also provide: 

  • Automatic film cutting station 
  • Slipsheet Handling; 
  • Integrated pallet Stackers; 
  • Ergonomic poles for reset and start cycle; 
  • Automatic Load Centering; 
  • Shape Control & Load Detection; 
  • Weighing Station; 
  • Integrated Label Management; 
  • Film Wrapping Station; 
  • Others customized details. 
dispenser slip sheet loading
pallet stacking machine - pallet stacking equipment

What types of pallet are we able to handle? 

Every type of pallet. 

Our pallet changers are able to handle any type of pallet without any problem, which is one of the reasons why we have more than 50 different solutions in the production range. Our pallet changing systems manage wooden pallets, plastic pallets, GMA, Euro Pallet, Chep and many other types. 

To make the solutions work for every field of application, TopIndustries offers highly customized pallet exchangers considering any of your characteristics. 

Costum aluminum pallets
Efficient pallet handling with our pallet inverter for plastic pallets

Our latest set-up 

A multinational company in the food sector has decided to install one of our fully pallet changing system in its warehouse. We’ve done this type of installation also in the Netherlands with Toppy Holland

The need arises from the management of a consistent flow of incoming products, which are presented on different types of pallets that cannot enter the company’s production process for two main reasons: 

  • For sanitary reasons, incoming pallets are not sanitized and cannot enter the white area; 
  • To standardize the pallets, the products are conveyed within the warehouse via a standard pallet. 

As with any implanted system, our engineers reach the customer for installation and for the SAT, i.e. commissioning. During this period, the staff is trained so that they are able to interact immediately with the system to fully exploit all its potential. 

Depalletizer Pallet inverter
Inline pallet inverter

L-Shape automatic pallet exchanger system

The “L-shape” system manages the products by tilting the load to 105°. 

This solution was also chosen because they wanted to increase performance and internal efficiency, as well as safeguard operators. With these sophisticated systems, many accidents are avoided and the physical integrity of the operator is preserved. 

Top Industries Inc market diversification 

The evolution of the industry is increasingly complex and constantly generates new and sometimes even completely different needs from what has been the historicity of the sector.  

Toppy, with TopIndustries Inc, diversifies from the market precisely to meet these new needs. Online solutions are currently the most innovative method through which the company successfully achieves its objectives. 

Not just in the United States.  

The “L shape” is also appreciated throughout Europe thanks to its great adaptability. It is also possible to implement it in the patented APS.