Equipment in Pharmaceutical Industry (Latest Trends)

Which is the key equipment in pharmaceutical industry? If you work in this industry there must be the need to exchange from wooden to plastic pallet to comply with hygene refulations.

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Equipment in Pharmaceutical industry needs to optimize the performance

Since there is a continuous growth of pharmaceutical companies all over the world, the supply chain needs to match the rise in demand. This can be quite complex and also very dynamic.

There are a few well-known companies that are supporting pharmaceutical companies with their innovative designs and customized equipment in pharmaceutical industry of many varieties for each specific case.

The equipment needs can be prioritized based on the needs of various pharmaceutical companies available in the USA:

  1. Hygiene and quality control

In pharmaceutical companies, cleaning while transporting the logistics is a fundamental requirement and the company needs to pay special attention to the hygiene of products and avoid any chances of contamination with certain external agents.

  1. Safe handling of products

Generally, medicines are the main items that have to be stored in warehouses. Therefore, all the carriers that are to be managed, irrespective of whether they may be incoming or outgoing products, should be managed with total safety and care.

  1. Respecting storage times

Another important thing to consider is to respect the storage timing to prevent your drug from expiring. Therefore, the need for very fast in-line pallet changing solutions arises so that one can carry the items at the rate of 100 pallets/hour.

  1. Temperature control

The controlled temperature during the storage in handling operations is a fundamental requirement, for this reason, there are a few industries that offer various pallet changing solutions that may even work at -13⁰F.

  1. 24 X 7 non-stop working

Most large pharmaceutical companies will never stop their operation. Therefore, all equipment used in this environment must adapt perfectly to the kind of workflow and should work both day and night non-stop.

Equipment in pharmaceutical industry

Another Key equipment in pharmaceutical industry

Any kind of pallet used in pharmaceutical companies needs to be turned at any time and hence there is a need for pallet inverters that can turn whenever you need to turn the pallet.

As they can offer safe pallet transfers with the help of a single push of a certain button or a lever, such pallet inverters can boost efficiency and also reduce waste for the pharmaceutical business.

Pallet load inverters are useful equipment in pharmaceutical industry that can also eliminate any need for stacking and re-stacking pallets manually, which can reduce any risk of damaging products. Therefore, your workers can easily spend more time doing other important tasks.

The latest technology offers solutions for rotating, tilting, and transferring loads of all sizes and content types.

pallet inverter with automatic pallet dispenser

What a pallet inverter is?

This is one of the most important equipment in pharmaceutical industry specifically designed for rotating fully loaded pallets having the product on them. Often, these pallet inverters can be used for removing and replacing any damaged pallets.

Pallet inverters are normally meant for turning products so that they can better fit in the storage space or for preventing the entire contents of pallets.

Most pallet inverters used are capable of rotating up to 180⁰ so that one can easily exchange items from either plastic vs wooden pallets  when one needs to move products between the zones of shipment and production.

The pallet inverters are also utilized for inverting the product which may not be stored on any pallets, like slip sheets, support boards, or sometimes also products without any pallet.

These pallet inverters are adjusted for accommodating many different kinds of loads, with some of them may be having a little wider range as compared to others.

Also the pallet rotator may also provide adjustable pressure clamps to enable you to handle any fragile products carefully and certain heavy-duty products by applying a necessary force for keeping the product in its proper place while rotating.

Also, these pallet inverters are used as a certain free-standing machine so that the people handling this equipment can handle the equipment in the best ergonomically position to reduce any fatigue while completing the essential tasks.

load handling equipment

Who can use a pallet inverter?

Any company including the pharmaceutical companies that generally handle all their product by using certain pallets has a potential need for such a pallet inverter.  There can be a variety of users of such pallet inverters needed both on their production floor as well as in their warehouses. 

Generally, you can break down the users of a pallet inverter into 3 different categories:

  1. One of the biggest users of such pallet inverters is food and pharmaceutical companies. These companies need to switch quite often all their incoming goods from any wooden to a plastic pallet to maintain proper hygiene.

For these companies, hygiene is so much critical, that they may never like to use wooden pallets at all. Particularly, in the clean areas, the wooden pallet cannot be allowed at all.

  1. Another category of users is those who need to recover their broken/ damaged pallets from time to time at the bottom of the stack. Every TopIndustries’ equipment in pharmaceutical industry can offer quick access to the bottom of the stack.
  2. The third category of users is those who need to turn their pallets by 180⁰. A few examples are:
    • Printers that have to print on both sides of the paper sheet
    • Those who produce a laminated product like MDF board.
    • Cheese producers will need it during the maturation process.
    • Vineyards need the cork to expand within the bottle’s neck and then turn them by 180⁰ for long-term storage.
    • Concrete sections are inverted for removing the steel mold.
    • Bananas need to be turned after they become ripe for better presentation, particularly in the supermarket.
Pallet inverter video Stationary pallet inverter

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