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The stationary pallet inverter can be a very useful and simple machine that is employed in warehouses as well as in many other facilities where loading, reloading, transferring and offloading activities are performed. Check out our pallet inverter video!

In the following industries they are commonly used:

  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

What are the Key Benefits of a Pallet Inverter?

If a damaged pallet is replaced manually, it may take a while. All the product-filled containers and boxes must be unloaded, the damaged pallet must be removed, and the contents must then be restacked on a fresh pallet.

As you can see in a pallet inverter video, the fixed pallet inverter takes over and substitutes a straightforward mechanical method for replacing the pallet for manual labor:

  • The palletized merchandized will be secured between both sides of the equipment
  • The pallet inverter can tilt the stack, without letting your products slip and fall
  • The damaged pallet can easily be accessible to be removed and also replaced with a new one
  • The stack of products can be tilted back, while the pallet sits on the ground.

If you look at any pallet inverter video, it will appear straightforward. However, like any other basic logistic equipment, these pallet inverters look deceptively easy to use, and often many workers forget about the safety precautions needed around them.

forklift pallet inverter

Industry applications for the 120° pallet inverter machine include a wide range of fields such as:

  • Automobile manufacture
  • Aviation
  • Dock
  • Electric power
  • Machinery
  • Maritime transportation
  • Metallurgy
  • Military industry
  • Oil field
  • Railway
  • Shipbuilding
  • Steel

You can also use 180° pallet inverter machine to turn over goods that are stacked on a pallet and need to be turned 180° and remember to.

  • Put the products on the pallet turning machine’s worktable using a motorized forklift.
  • Clamp the cargo manually and raise it to the safe flipping range.
  • Turn the pallet of the products 180° up and down.
  • Take off the splint.
  • Bring the turning machine back.
  • Utilizing a motorized forklift, remove the goods on the pallet from the pallet shifting machine.
  • Get rid of the top plastic tray.

180° pallet inverter machine application of industry:

These pallet inverters are widely used in many different kinds of industries that we have mentioned above. In case, your goods are ever stacked on a pallet and need a 180° turning, then you can use this 180°-pallet inverter machine for turning it over. Look at pallet inverter video in our product pages to better understand.

There will be plastic pallets on the bottom of the goods:

  • Use any motorized forklift for placing the goods on your worktable of the pallet turning machine
  • Clamp the cargo manually and raise it to the safe flipping range.
  • Turn the pallet of the products 180 degrees up and down.
  • Take off the splint.
  • Bring the turning machine back.
  • Utilizing a motorized forklift, remove the goods on the pallet from the pallet Motorized forklift

Get rid of the top plastic tray.

pallet inverter video Inverter

Safety protection measures

If a forklift or persons are present in the working area, the safety grating-equipped equipment will automatically alarm without turning over.

If the electronic control fails, it can also guarantee the complete safety of the machine and the operator thanks to its multiple limit protection, safety guarantee, and mechanical limit device. Additionally, the device includes a limit for overweight users.

Equipment technical requirements and instructions:

  1. Use a multi-speed vector controlled, stable, and dependable motorized forklift to in and out of the items.
  2. If there is a power outage while the machine is turning, the electromagnetic brake motor will automatically lock and stop rotating; there will be no possibility of reversing the condition.
  3. To successfully prevent the product from toppling over, the flip angle can be adjusted to be less than 180 degrees.
  4. All bearings and pneumatic components are chosen from reputable domestic professional manufacturers.
  5. It is capable of operating in both forward and reverse directions in a 180-degree cycle.
  6. A transmission mechanism box with a reasonable design, manual operation, and cyclical work.
  7. The operability and maintainability are enhanced by the installation of a separate control cabinet. Between the operation box and the host, 5-10M line control operation is used.
Pallet inverter video L-Shape

What are a few safety tips to remember?

  1. Remember your training

You must always be familiar with your pallet inverter before operating. Remember what you were taught and never take any shortcuts while operating. If you have any doubt, you always can check out the pallet inverter video

  1. Train everyone in the shop

It may be difficult to find the time to train each and every one in the workshop on how to utilize a pallet inverter. However, in the longer run, it will be much better to have all know how to operate it rather than asking any inexperienced person to use it alone.

  1. Schedule regular maintenance

Regular maintenance will be the best way to make sure your pallet inverter remains always reliable and operational.

  1. Report any problems

If the machine is not functioning perfectly, you must always let the next operator be aware and make a note to schedule maintenance.

  1. All operators must wear protection equipment

Employees who use the pallet inverter must wear a hard helmet. This regulation has no exceptions or justifications.

Regardless of how securely the cargo is stored on the pallet inverter, a box or container containing goods may fall off the palletized stack.

  1. Enforce the clearance area around your pallet inverter

It is simple to determine the pallet inverter’s range of motion. This should have an additional clearance area, and anyone standing there while the equipment is operating must obey the prohibition.

Use high traffic grade paint to delineate the clearance zone and include obvious warnings to ensure that everyone is aware of and abides by the guideline.

  1. Educate all your employees on the importance of work safety

Your staff members must all be aware of and accept responsibility for maintaining their own and their coworkers’ safety while at work.

It is not only required by law but also effective enough to discuss freely occupational health and safety regulations and to arrange refresher training. When dealing with equipment, it fosters employee trust and raises team spirit.

When using huge loads on heavy machinery, you should always be on the side of caution. Although an unannounced inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may not be taking place right now, it may happen at any time.

To conclude, In order to choose your suitable pallet inverter or to refresh their workflows, check out the pallet inverter video and find what you need.