Pallet inverter instruction for

Safe Installation And Maintenance

Following the pallet inverter instructions, the operator can easily adjust or exchange the original pallet safely from the area with a control panel equipped with push buttons located in the safety guard.

pallet inverter instructions pallet tipper
Pallet inverter instruction pallet tipper

The 120° pallet tipper is an extremely versatile equipment used to exchange or flip loaded pallets. Clamps handle the load stability allowing the machine to tilt the pallet to 120°. The machine is installed within an area fixed with safety guards or barriers for pedestrian access.

Pre-installation checks

  • While receiving the shipment, ensure to check for any damage. A comprehensive shipment includes the pallet inverter instruction, the machine, guards, power unit, operator control, or any other extra components you ordered.
  • You need to have personnel trained for the approval of efficient and safe operation and maintenance of the pallet flipper
  • Make sure to choose an appropriate place to install the machine. The unit is designed to function on an even flat surface. Make sure the floor is not near freeze lines. 
  • Determine the environmental conditions to install the machine – dry, wet, or extremely cool rooms and choose the proper anchor or it can cause unstable machine installation. 

Pallet inverter instruction for the installation 

  • Make sure the floor is debris and obstruction free or this can hinder machine placement.
  • Make sure to evaluate the space before you finally place the machine. There has to be sufficient space for electrical panel door access integrated at the rear side of the equipment.
  • When the machine is positioned properly using a suitable drill [200mm drill bit] at 4-floor attachment framing at a depth of 100mm.
  • Use a mallet to securely place the anchor bolts included with the machine. Use a ratchet or spanner and secure to floor boards using supplied fasteners.

Guard installation

  • The guard frames are pre-drilled, which ensures correct alignment.
  • The light barrier cables and control panels need to be positioned at the front.
  • Guards need to be placed in their relevant positions of pallet inverter. You can check the pallet inverter instruction supplied with the machine. 
  • Assemble the guards using supplied M8 fasteners, then fit cable trays to guards, which will help in orientation.
  • Loosely fit guard panels at this point.
  • Fit the control panel within the guard’s recessed area and refit the bottom plate under the control panel.
  • Secure cables to cable tray with provided clips and ties.
  • Make a marking for each guard’s feet and drill the floor.
  • Fix the M12 floor boards securely and as soon as you attain a proper alignment tighten every guard panel fastener. 
  • With brackets and M6 fasteners fit light barriers to guards in the pre-drilled holes. Make sure the bracket is positioned centrally.


You will need a reliable and certified electrician to help in the connection of the machine to the main electrical panel and control panel. Double-check the guards for the right functionality and alignment. Check for correct clockwise motor rotation. If necessary you can reverse the motor connections. 

Pre-use inspection

  • Inspect the installation and machine visually to identify errors, irregularities, or deformities. The pallet inverter instructions will help you.
  • Make sure the hydraulic oil level is ideal on tank sight glass and no leakage signs.
  • The area under the rotating body has to be debris free. Use a long-handled broom to clean it. Warning – never enter the area under rotating body any time. The load has to be placed correctly on the fixed table and against the rotating body’s side or back walls.

Safety – Always make sure there is no person within the guarded region before you start the machine.

Startup procedure checking 

  • The electric isolator is located on the machine’s rear panel. Switch it ‘ON’.
  • Press the Start’ button on the control panel until the pump motor runs and light barriers reset.
  • When the motor stops the top light barrier beam is physically interrupted.
  • When the remaining beams break motor stops again.
  • Check clamp operation by pushing the clamp & unclamp buttons in the control panel. 
  • Check the stop button’s functionality.

Check the pallet inverter instruction in the manual to understand how to use the start, clamp, invert, clamp, and return buttons on the control panel.

Warning – Only fully trained and authorized personnel with proper safety and protective equipment must operate the pallet inverter machine. Operate machine within maximum load capacity, so check specification page. 

Pallet inverter instruction
load handling equipment

Maintenance scheduling

  • Weekly – Grease all moving parts like the combination bearings, wear plate, and pivot boss.
  • Monthly – Check hydraulic oil level and if necessary replenish it with instructed grade oil.
  • Annually – Visually examine noticeable deformities, especially in the tables, body, and frame for cracks. Valves hoses and manifolds for leaks. Examine the electrical panels, clamps, insulation, conduits, hinges, latches, cables, rubber buffers, and light barriers. All the guard panels need to be secure and damage-free. Renew the suction filter and hydraulic oil. Clean motor fins and casings. Fine-tune the wear plate and make sure that all safety devices get reinstalled properly.

Safety instructions for maintenance

  • Fully authorized personnel must perform the pallet inverter’s maintenance tasks.
  • Before you start the maintenance task switch off and lock the main control panel and electrical isolator. 
  • Place suitable chocks to avoid the body from moving, when adjustments are carried out.
  • Dispose of waste oil and greased rags properly according to local authority guidelines. 
  • Replace guard panels removed for maintenance tasks securely. 
  • If the machine stops or malfunctions suddenly report this to the manufacturer instantly.
  • Avoid adjusting the light barrier unless the manufacturer instructs you to do so.
  • Never tamper or adjust the pallet inverter in any way. 
  • Never use a machine for any other function than for what it is designed. 

The flexibility and versatility offered by pallet flippers increase efficiency and safety. Food and pharmaceutical sectors are the biggest users of pallet inverters. Many other industries need to turn products up to 180°. For example, the printing, cheese makers, winemakers, contractors, and even the supermarket owner flip ripe bananas for better presentation. Follow every pallet inverter instruction to improve your business.

When you buy pallet flippers from TopIndustries make sure to read the warnings and safety instructions. Certain hazards can occur during installation, use, and maintenance. To prevent injury it is wise to understand the pallet inverter instruction and ensure maximum safety standards.