Mobile pallet changers with cameras

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Business success always comes from small details that make the difference. Top Industries Inc strongly believes in this and continuously improves all pallet changers, even the recently patented ones such as the mobile pallet changer “Falcon Wings”.

To explain the importance of the following improvements, the composition of the large production range of TopIndustries Inc will be briefly explained. 

We will explain how our pallet changers work and also explain the importance of adding screens and cameras on the Falcon Wings. 

This is an optional accesory added to our new mobile pallet changing machine, which was recently patented in 2021. 

Pallet changers: range of production 

In the Top Industries production range, there are about 50 different types of pallet changers with many different fuctions​​ in order to cover all the possible needs. 

The customization of the machines is one of the most effective and appreciated strengths. In fact, it is possible to find the pallet changer that best suits your needs based on: 

  • the type of product to be managed;
  • the weight of the load;
  • the level of automation required;
  • the space available in the warehouse; 

In the pallet changing field we have two methods for load management:

  • overturning the load; 
  • without overturning the load 

pallet change with cameras

Types of mobile pallet changers 

Another fundamental difference is the differences between mobile pallet changers and stationary pallet changers. This difference allows all subjects with the need to change the pallet, to be able to do it regardless of warehouse space and needs. The mobile pallet changers are all extremely compact and also economical. Therefore, they do not need a specific area for the operation.

They are able to handle more than 40 pallets per hour. Speed is never underestimated with our pallet inverters as the ultimate goal is always improving the performance of our customers’ site as much as possible, leading them to optimize company resources. 

Types of stationary pallet changers 

As an alternative to mobile pallet changers, there are also stationary pallet inverters. The study done by Top Industries Inc is always with a view to optimizing processes by the customer, which therefore involves the consideration of several differentiating characteristics, including the compactness of the machine 

Stationary pallet changers offer higher performances and are recommended for companies with large quantities of pallets that need to be replaced per day. 


Types of fully automatic pallet changers 

TopIndustries is specialized in the forniture of pallet transfer systems that perform the operation in a very fast way without the need of an operator. This is the most innovative alternative for a fully automated warehouse that is increasingly widespread in the world. 

mobile pallet changer


Our new mobile pallet changer 

We would like to analyze the mobile pallet changer Falcon Wings. 

This is a new pallet changer machine launched on the market a few months ago, and it works through a unique and patented system. 

The machine is available in both mobile and fixed versions, able to manage every type of product without tipping the load. This mobile pallet changer has two fundamental processes that allows it to be one of the most innovative machines currently on the market. The first process concerns the lateral pressors, which gently press the load laterally and lift it, allowing the complete operation. At the same time, the strength of the machine also acts: two blades at the base are inserted automatically and support the load for a safe lifting. 

The importance of the blades is given by the consequent increase in reliability in load management. In fact, the two blades that are placed at the base of the load help support the product a lot more.

Technical specifications of mobile pallet changer

The mobile pallet changer Falcon Wings is a machine capable of handling any type of products, even the most fragile ones, up to a maximum capacity of 3000 pounds. The mobile version is very fast and powered by a battery with a duration of about 8/10 hours, which can be extended and easily replaced thanks to the quick change system. 

The great precision of the blades allows an easy separation between the load from the pallet. It is also possible to separate the goods on multiple pallets, responding to the most diverse needs. 

pallet changer with cameras

Falcon Wings Revolution: Falcon eyes 

The fundamental factors for the entire organization will always be innovation and orientation towards people, and the Falcon Wings is able to solve problems.

Pallet changer implementations have been made to facilitate use. In the basic machine, it is always the operator who must select the height of the pressors and must insert the blades for support through the use of a simple controller. However, if before he was forced to move from the station to check that the heights were all correct, with the implementation of cameras placed in such a way as to be able to monitor all the different angles and the screens to transmit live images during the operation, this is not necessary anymore. Now, the operator has the ability to carry out the operation in a safer, faster, and more precise way thanks to the zoom on the crucial points of the operation. At this point, the pallet change is complete and perfect for any type of operator, from the most experienced to the least experienced, thanks to all the added options and the extremely intuitive system. 

Security Systems with pallet changers

To conclude, no aspect is underestimated, especially the safety of the vehicle. 

This stationary pallet changer, like all the machines in the production range, is equipped with a system that prevents accidents in the workplace by preventing the operator from reaching the area in front of the machine through the use of metal protection nets and safety photocells. 

Pallet Inverter Innovation 

Top Industries Inc never stops demonstrating how important its values and evolution are for good business continuity. Improvement is always possible and the challenge of every day, as well as the aspiration of the whole company, is to achieve perfection. It is certainly an unattainable goal, but one that pushes us each day to improve more and more, bringing the results that are there for all to see. We get to the point where even a machine patented in 2022 is implemented with means that increase its comfort and usability by certifying its orientation to market needs.