Freezer Spacer Handling Solution

(Advanced Method)

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Freezer spacers solution for frozen industries

The frozen industries generate hundreds of million dollars per year of revenues all over the world and many of them already use freezer spacer. A big part of frozen companies are food companies. Because of that, they have to follow strict rules about the internal material handling in their warehouse during the process.

Furthermore, for each company in this sector, the highest cost they have is about the electric energy. In fact, to freeze a single product you need to use very low temperature, far below 32°F (0°C). This means a great expense of energy. In order to solve this structural problem of frozen industry, the biggest companies which pay attention to costs control use freezer spacer handling solution.

Advantages in your daily operations

Even because the increase of the cost of the energy, freezer spacers are used more and more. Their function is simple: they have to split every single product in a load. Consequently, cold air impact the products on each side. So, freeze the load will take less time as maintaining the temperature. It will take less energy even for those at the middle of the load.

Moreover, the low cost for freezer spacers makes it spread over the world. At the same time it helps you to increase your return on investments. Usually, this tool is made of plastic, so it could be reused.

Freezer spacer hasn’t only advantages, but disadvantages too. Removing freezer spacers from the load means manually transfer every single product from one pallet to another. In the same way, you have to manually put on the pallet every single product in order to correctly place the freezer spacer. Consequently, you should use a big part of what you save using this tool to cover the cost of the work for the operator in charge of this new task.

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The Unique Freezer Spacers Handling System

Therefore, in Top Industries range of production we have a pallet turner able to automatically handle freezer spacers as well as change the pallet or split the load. Thanks to “L-Shape” you will be able to automate the freezer spacers removal and insertion operation.

With TopIndustries device you will be able to charge the load on the pallet turner using a pallet truck. After that, the load will be overturned. Furthermore, thanks to the integrate semi-automatic system, you will be able to split the load in order to remove or insert freezer spacers or pallets. In this way, you will be also able to improve your production process.

As you can notice, the most important characteristics is the versatility of the pallet turner. You can save on the cost of the energy, and operators. At the same time you can comply with the strict rules for food companies in materials handling with short operation cycles.

If you want to receive more information about the unique Top Industries pallet turner, visit the specific page of freezer spacers removal system or contact us directly to receive your free quote and improve your production process