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These days, more and more companies, who are small and medium-sized prefer to go for unattended pallet moving equipments to become more competitive. 

This strategy can help them to reduce the need for employing manpower.  More often they choose to increase their productivity.

Pallet Moving Equipments for Pallet Exchanging 

Although, many people tend to think that this kind of automatic pallet moving equipments will be more suitable for any large company. However, most of the machine shops that utilize this are usually having manpower of only 5 to 100 employees.

By using a mobile pallet changer, it has been seen that average utilization can increase by 60% to 90% so the operator can be utilized for performing many other tasks that can be further away from the machine tool while it is in operation.

There are basically 3 main types of pallet changers that are available:

 – Manual
 – Automated
 – Robotic

However, the basic principle of operation remains the same.

In case of manual pallet moving equipments, an operator will manually load or unload any pallet, while in case of an automatic system, this process will happen automatically. 

Pallet handling pallet exchanger falcon wings
Pallet handling pallet exchanger falcon wings

What is the term ‘V Changer’ in pallet changer?

The V changer is our recent innovation which is enabling totally hands-free pallet changing operation. This pallet tipper works well for loads that must remain with the same side facing up after the pallet has been changed and is simple to load at ground level with a pallet truck.

Because of the “V” shape of the changer, it can help ensure that all your stack can remain perfectly stacked up. This kind of pallet moving equipment can easily clamp any palletized load that may be at a height of approximately 2 feet to 7 feet with an average weight of 3000 lbs.

This kind of V changer type pallet changer can transfer wood pallets very easily to a certain plastic pallet which will be a more hygienic material. Also, it will be possible to transfer any outgoing pallets to shipping pallets.

How to use a pallet changer

The following are the 5 steps that will be needed for using the “V changer” type of pallet moving equipment:

Step 1: To start with, you may place your pallet load by taking the help of a pallet truck, into your V Changer.

Step 2: Now just walk towards the control panels and press the particular knob so that your pallet changer can be controlled to start tilting the pallet back. Keep watching as the process continues.

Step 3: As your pallet changer is going to tilt backward almost up to 110⁰, it is also going to latch the pallet in its proper place so that it is possible to change out much more easily.

Once your pallet changer will be tipped as much as far back as your machine can go, your pallet will be brought back down up to floor level. Keep watching as the process flows.

Step 4: Now you can replace the pallet by using a certain pallet truck, and keep watching that process:

Step 5: Now return back to your controls and then press the necessary button to bring your new pallet back up into the load. Once your pallet is under the load securely, then your pallet changer will start moving back down to the level of the floor.

automated pallet warehouse

Now by using a pallet truck, you can easily pull out your load from the pallet changer. Keep watching as the process continues.

This completes all the steps and your V Changer can be a very easy and quick-to-use kind of pallet change.

Pallet moving equipment
Pallet changer side mover

What are the benefits of any automatic pallet moving equipment?

The various benefits offered by automatic moving equipement for pallet exchanging is that they can easily be quantified in terms of your productivity and also your increased revenue.

When you succeed in reducing downtime it will automatically result in increased output-and also it will offer you an edge over your competitors.

There are a few companies that can offer you certain Automatic Pallet Changers that can even exceed many international standards where you can also get an optional Light Curtain guarding which also meets CE compliance.

Nowadays, various manufacturing facilities that are present all around the world have now become much more efficient by using pallet changers, pallet moving equipments, and many other manufacturing solutions that can offer time-efficiency solutions.

Also, a few other benefits include:

  1. Increased Productivity of both machine as well as operator
  2. Large size and also heavy workpieces can easily be loaded outside of the machine
  3. For any kind of emergency stop, your job can easily be interrupted
  4. You can get a capacity of up to 32,000+ pounds (when the part weight will be distributed evenly on a pallet)
  5. Precision-engineered electric technology
  6. Dual Air Blast usable at every contact pad
  7. For maximum versatility between machine interchangeable pallets
  8. Fully integrated PLC provided with a password-protected keypad
  9. Pallet exchanges are done within seconds, with repeatability of ± .0001″ (.0025 mm)

The compatibility available with some of the brands of these automated pallet changers will be able to provide your business with a definite edge over the competition.

Those who are looking for a certain pallet handling equipment for your company must contact any professional experts in this field, who can advise on the most appropriate solution by selecting from several models that are available on the market.

The experts will try to identify the most suitable pallet moving equipment as per your type of product, the pallet numbers that you may need to change in a day, the amount of space that you have, and eventually can implement automation.