Machine used in warehouses:

Choose the right pallet changer

There are different types of machine used in warehouse. If you have just opened a new business and are looking for new equipment then it is natural to get confused with the plethora of options available to you. Choosing the wrong machine would end up in a complete waste of time, not to mention it will not serve your purpose. Well… watch this video and evaluate them!

Machine used in warehouse: Pallet Changers

Pallet changers can be manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Many businesses prefer to go in for automatic ones as they require less manual intervention and are considered safe for warehouses. Pallet changers are a long-term investment, so ensure that you weigh your options carefully before making a purchasing decision.

Since a pallet changer is a common machine used in warehouses, so you need to purchase from credible company such as TopIndustries, headquartered in Dave, Florida. Our machines come with the latest technologies and safety features, thereby making them one of the leading suppliers of pallet changers.

stationary pallet changer
pallet inverter with automatic pallet dispenser
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Now when it comes to automatic pallet changers, you need to first understand the purpose of buying these machines. Some of the basic questions you would want to ask yourself would be:

  • What type of load would you like the machine to handle?
  • What is the budget set out for the machinery?
  • How many transfers per shift are you looking out for?
  • What types of pallet types would you be using?      
warehouse machinery pallet inverter vshape inline
inline pallet changer

Before you invest in pallet changers, you need to understand how they can be helpful for your business. Some of the benefits include:

  • It can help replace damaged pallets
  • It improves the productivity of your organization
  • It is a cost-effective option especially if there are huge volumes to be transferred
  • It reduces manpower intervention
  • It saves on labor costs
  • They are versatile
  • Automatic pallet changers reduce the risk of accidents

Automatic Pallet Changers is the right choise

When you are searching for automatic pallet changers, you need to pay attention to the safety features of the equipment. Different brands offer different features and you can choose the one that best suits your requirement and of course your budget. Go in for pallet changers that come with interlock switches.

These switches can reduce accidents as they can be configured to provide a predetermined sequence of events. You can even pre-code it as per your specifications.

One of the most popular automatic pallet changers is the “V-shape Minilogy” which comes with 3 pallet stackers, a de-dusting cabin, rolls, and chain conveyors.


The operation of the “V-shape Minilogy” is easy. The material is loaded onto the conveyor. It then reaches the de-dusting cabin where it is cleaned. The material then enters the V-shaped cabin and then the pallets get separated for the exchange.

The V-shape changer tilts to 120° to pick the wooden pallets. The pallets then exit the conveyor to move on to the pallet stacker. The pallet stackers pick the plastic pallets that need to replace the wooden ones and place them on the conveyor belt.

The pallets will then be tilted at 90° to replace the pallets and be driven on the lower part of the belt. Once the material is transferred onto the plastic pallets, they will go on to the labeling phase.

Pallet changer v-shape logy with pallet dispensers
Pallet changer solutions

Different Types of machine used in Warehouse

In addition to pallet changers dominating warehouses, there are machine used n warehouse that you might also need to invest in when you are starting your business.  A lot of operations happen at warehouses, and you need the right equipment to complete them.

We can divide the equipment based on the warehouse functions:

  • For Storage Purpose
  • For Operations Purpose
  • For Material Handling and Transfer
  • For Picking and Packing Purposes

For Storing Purposes

Different machine used in warehouse for storing the products. Some of the common ones are:

Pallet jacks are common equipment required in warehouses. It is useful to move pallets to the warehouse. It is very convenient to move small loads for short distances. Heavy-duty shelves and racks is a must-have in all warehouses. These racks are convenient for storing medium or heavy-duty goods.

You can even purchase drive-in racking equipment which are high-density storage systems that allow you to store multiple pallets deep into the racks. These are convenient as they save a lot of storage space.

machine used in warehouse

For Operations Purposes

Now, your warehouse does not only compromise on equipment. You need software to keep tabs on the inflow and outflow of materials. Materials need to be checked for quality control and equipment such as RFID tags and barcoding machines can prove to be handy here.

You would also need to take into consideration the welfare of your workers. Protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and helmets need to be provided to protect them from injuries.

Depalletizer Pallet inverter

For Material Handling and Transfer

Machine used in warehouse such as lift trucks, stackers, and forklifts are used to transfer the loads from one destination to another. You can even invest in rail-guided reach trucks that are used within the warehouse aisles to put away pallets that are well above 10 meters.

Conveyor belts are also common equipment that can be seen in warehouses. Some popular ones which you can invest in are skatewheels, gravity, and live conveyor belts.

For Picking and Packing Purposes

There are different types of picking operations that are carried out in warehouses such as:

  • Batch picking – Refers to collecting multiple orders simultaneously
  • Discrete picking – Refers to going through the orders one-by-one
  • Case picking – Refers to picking case quantities from various storage racks
  • Piece picking – Refers to picking items and then placing them in containers or cartons
  • Zone picking – Refers to picking orders from different zones

Common machine used in warehouses to carry out the above functions are electric pallet jacks, forklifts, trailer leveling jacks, and dock plates and seals.

Conclusion about machine used in warehouse

Machine used in warehouse like pallet changers are crucial equipment in any warehouse. Choosing the right one depends on the purpose of the equipment and the amount of load you would be transferring.