Which are the most common types of pallet inverters

When it comes to material handling, pallet inverters are an essential tool in warehouses and distribution centers. These machines allow you to quickly and efficiently rotate pallet loads, which is useful for various reasons, including restacking, changing the orientation of the load, and replacing damaged pallets. In this article, we will be discussing the different types of pallet inverters that are commonly used in the industry.

Mobile/Portable Pallet Inverters

Mobile or portable pallet inverters are ideal for facilities that require pallet inverting in multiple locations. These machines are designed to be moved around easily and can be used to handle different types of loads. The Top Industries Inc.’s mobile pallet inverters are designed with an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to maneuver the load and to operate the machine efficiently.

Portable pallet inverter in action
Compact and portable pallet inverter for space-saving material handling

Stationary Pallet Inverters

Stationary pallet inverters are more suitable for facilities that require frequent pallet inverting in one location. These machines are generally larger and have a higher capacity compared to mobile pallet inverters. Top Industries Inc.’s stationary pallet inverters are designed with a robust structure that can handle heavy loads, and they are also available in custom configurations to meet specific customer needs.

Advanced Pallet Inverters (Hands-Free & Game Changer)

Top Industries Inc. offers two advanced pallet inverters: the Game Changer and the Hands-Free with a new method of pallet shifting. The Game Changer is a revolutionary pallet inverter that allows for load rotation without the need for pallet exchange, thereby minimizing product damage and reducing the risk of workplace injury. The Hands-Free pallet inverter utilizes a new method of pallet shifting, allowing for efficient and safe load rotation without any manual intervention.

Pallet inverter in action
Minimizing risks with pallet inverter safety mechanisms

Automatic Pallet Inverters

Automatic pallet inverters are designed to minimize manual labor and are ideal for high-volume facilities that require frequent pallet inverting. These machines are fully automated and can handle multiple pallets at once, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. Top Industries Inc. offers a range of automatic pallet inverters with different capacities and custom configurations.

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Fully Automatic Pallet Inverters

Fully automatic pallet inverters are the most advanced type of pallet inverters available in the market. These machines are designed to handle complex loads and can perform a range of functions, including load rotation, pallet exchange, and stacking. Top Industries Inc.’s fully automatic pallet inverters are designed with advanced sensors and controls that allow for efficient and precise handling of loads.

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