Restack pallets easily | 2023 Methods

Restack pallets is a common operation for many companies all around the world. 

In the warehousing environment and during the shipping process how to properly package all your shipments is a very important step. If you end up doing any single packaging mistake at the warehouse, it might lead to bulk storage issues. Also, it can expose your pallets to damage, and maybe you have to restack your pallets, which may take even more time.

restack pallets

How to safely restack pallets?

You need to start by using a certain premium quality material to properly stack your pallets during transit or storage, which means using certain reliable plastic wraps and also avoiding using broken pallets.

Also, at the same time, you must package your pallet in such a manner that can reinforce the strength and durability of the freight.When you want to restack pallets then the use of pallet inverters is also essential if any time a pallet has to be turned. Because they can offer smooth transfers by just pushing the button or pulling a certain lever.

A pallet inverter can boost efficiency and reduce any waste for your business. Pallet load inverters can also eliminate the need for stacking and re-stacking pallets by hand, which can reduce any risk of damaging products.

Thus, your workers can now spend more time doing other tasks. The latest technology can also provide solutions for tilting or rotating and transferring loads of any dimensions and content type.

A pallet inverter can always be the faster, safer, and more economical way that you can rotate pallet loads. The pressure-adjustable clamp may secure loads measuring maximum up to 48” x 48” x 60” and of weight up to 4,400 lbs. It will then rotate them a full 180⁰ just by touching a button.

The are several uses like

  • Transferring to or from in-house to any shipping pallets or slip sheets
  • Replacing damaged items lying at the bottom of a load
  • Turning inventory for freshness
  • Replacing broken pallets

Various advantages restacking pallet with a pallet inverter

By using top Industries’ pallet inverters, you can greatly increase the efficiency of your company and save your time and money.

restack pallets pallet inverter
restack pallets Pallet inverter

1. Reduce any risk of injury with restack pallets

Whenever workers are going to manually lift and move any heavy items then there is always a chance of increased risks of workplace injury.

These pallet inverters can offer an automated system that it can make the process much simpler and safer to rotate loaded pallets.

2. Reduce the risk of any product damage

A pallet inverter can always reduce any risk of product damage by letting you replace the damaged pallets before products will be stored in high-loading bays or going to be shipped to your clients.

Moving any loaded pallets that are already damaged is an unnecessary risk not only to your product, but also to your workers. All these can be eliminated by using a pallet inverter.

Restack pallets pallet inverter

How to restack your pallets efficiently?

Restacking of pallets is a very important process when it comes to shipping or receiving your products. When your shipment has already been processed and now you can no longer retrieve it, then you must restack it to avoid losing it in your warehouse or another facility.

The following are a few tips to restack pallets easily.

This kind of process can be quite difficult and also time-consuming, but it is a very important part of the shipping process.

1. Know how many workers can be involved with restack pallets

Restacking the pallets can always be a difficult task. If you prefer to do it manually then for one job you may take 70 cases, and hence it is so important to restack pallets.

In one shift you have to move 70 cases for completing the task, therefore know how many workers are available to you because they must know when they should restack the pallets.

2. Keep a track of the time needed

While restacking the pallets you need to keep proper track of how much time it is taking. There is always a chance of certain accidents hence it is important to be safe.

Also, restacking needs a lot of energy so you may end up spending more money than anticipated. To make the process simple, try to reduce the pallet numbers.

3. Secure the pallets properly

Make sure that you use a proper strap to secure your pallets for restacking. For properly restacking pallets, make sure that you secure them by using straps. The straps must be a minimum of 2” long and must be ratcheted or looped through the pallet’s forks.

After you are done with restacking the pallets, remove them from the truck. This process may need up to 70 cases. If done correctly, then takes just a few minutes and a lot of money is saved.

4. Consider the weight of the items

Pallet restacking is a simple and quick technique, although it is not always effective. It is less safe to restack a case of things because it necessitates frequent lifting and lowering.

You need to think about safety in addition to how long it will take to restack pallets. For safety reasons, it is not suggested to use pallet wraps in the warehouse. The weight of the objects must be taken into account when stacking pallets.

Restack pallets Pallet inverter

You should keep track of how much time you spend restacking while you’re doing it. To restack a pallet, you should be able to count up to 70 cases, but you must be careful not to restack too many.

It may take up to three hours to complete the operation. Before placing the pallets on the truck, you should make sure they are secured. You’ll be able to save a lot of time by doing this.

Can we stack pallets using a pallet jack?

Yes, by stacking pallets on top of one after the other, however, if you are using any damaged or wrong pallets then it can be quite dangerous.

Due to this reason, it is important that any pallet, which is damaged must be properly marked or should only be used with a certain freight forwarder who explicitly will avoid stacking pallets.