Tips to Choose the Proper Portable Equipment Lift

Access to the best portable equipment lift greatly benefits your employee’s health as well as productivity in manufacturing facilities and warehouse settings. Read below and discover the original portable pallet inverter.

Portable equipment lift pallet inverter

Before you decide to invest evaluate the areas, which need improvement to identify the options. You need to choose the correct portable equipment lift suited for the loaded pallets you need it to handle. Here are some areas the pallet handling equipment can help, so consider these functionalities and narrow your options.

  • Moving pallets

 – Pallet trucks or pallet jacks are commonly used to shift pallets. The equipment is small, simple, and user-friendly. It functions great in narrowed spaces. You will find that the latest pallet trucks are equipped with plenty of advanced features.

Pallet stackers are tiny electric forklifts, specifically designed for the constrained area. They are available in a wide range of leg and height configurations. Pallet rotators help in loading and unloading the pallets. Pallets are rotated, so you can load and unload them with ease. 

  • Spring lift tables

– The lift tables incorporate in-built springs to deal with the lowering and raising of the table. It is perfect to handle pallet loads and the table has an ergonomic working height, which lessens the requirement to bend while lifting.

  • Wrapping pallets

– It is an essential process for dispatching wrapped palletized goods. You can choose from manual, semi-automatic to robotic pallet wrapper tools.

  • Changing pallets

 – The food sectors need to change pallets that arrive from the shipping facilities into plastic pallets for hygiene purposes. A pallet inverter is a huge timesaver.

  • Storing pallets

– The pallet needs to be safely stacked after being used. If you use a forklift then choose a pallet straightener to align them quickly before organizing them in a pile. If a pallet truck is used to move loaded pallets then a pallet dispenser is a good solution. It holds onto unused pallet stacks, where you can add or remove pallets with a pallet truck. 

Pallet handling portable pallet inverter

Other factors to consider while choosing portable equipment lift for pallet handling

Topindustries ensure to offer products that are safe on each level. It doesn’t matter if the pallets are moved by a pallet truck or wrapped with a robotic pallet wrapper you can get the right equipment to work safely and efficiently.

Load Capacity

You need to ensure that the portable equipment lift can handle the weight of pallet loads you need to lift and move. An overloaded pallet jack can tip over and get damaged [injure someone] if it is unable to handle the typical load weight.

Indoor or outdoor

It is essential to determine if the pallet truck will be used indoors or outdoors. Some trucks are designed to operate on uneven surfaces.

Pallet size

Check the standard pallet size you are using to choose suitable pallet equipment lift. If you consistently stack pallets of different dimensions then choose a pallet jack that can handle different pallet sizes. 

Material nature

The different manufacturing sector uses diverse materials in their facilities. Some can be sensitive to light, show high contamination risk, flammable, etc. Before choosing your pallet equipment lift consider these factors.

For example, in high contamination environment, you will need complete stainless steel equipment with IP56 grade that is easy to clean, sanitize, and wash. For an explosive environment, you need to choose corrosion-resistant, explosion-proof, and extra tough pallet trucks.

Lift height capacity

If your lift load is 2 tons then the pallet jack needs to handle the necessary height. There are some models designed to lift more than 5000mm. On average a pallet truck lifts 800mm in height. 

Process needs & room for customization

Consider the process where the handled materials will be incorporated. Does it integrate mobile parts? Is it a high-speed process? It helps to choose the right pallet equipment lift and if it is not available then you can consider customization. All pallet trucks or inverters are not designed for customization, so check the customization capacity of the one you are considering buying.

Pedestrian or ride-on 

In the ride-on version, an operator drives the pallet truck, while in a pedestrian model the operator drags the handle. The former model is preferable because it saves time and helps to perform the task efficiently. 

Maintenance cost with portable equipment lift

Any kind of equipment needs maintenance including portable equipment lift. Maintenance is crucial for keeping the equipment in top performance and security. Understand the maintenance cost of the equipment you are planning to buy. The chosen equipment must have replaceable parts available locally to avoid or lower downtime as much as possible. 

Quality & safety with portable equipment lift

Employers’ top priority is to offer their employees a safe workplace environment. Poor quality of portable equipment lift can cause life-threatening accidents. Whatever kinds of equipment you choose ensure to research the engineering company thoroughly. TopIndustries is a brand that tops the list of pallet inverter searches on Google. Choose your material handling equipment from them and enhance workplace ergonomics. 

portable equipment lift

Benefits of portable equipment lift

  • Pallet trucks have low entrance barriers.
  • Operators learn to operate it with ease [in a single session].
  • They are adaptable and can be used in multiple professional settings.
  • They are cost-effective pallet equipment lift to add to the transportation network and enhance efficiency across the supply chain. No need to invest in expensive complex machinery.
  • Lifting and organizing things are time-consuming when done manually but with high-quality pallet trucks, it is completed quickly. Thus valuable time is saved and the task is completed efficiently.
  • Pallet trucks are suitable to work in narrow spaces or constrained areas. 
  • The maneuverability of pallet trucks is supple, so they are perfect for lifting things in crowded warehouse spaces. 
  • Reduces physical labor, which can otherwise damage the spine, leg, shoulder, or joints. Employees are safe and the employers are saved from costly lawsuits.

Pallet trucks offer convenience and cost-effectiveness but need a large upfront investment. However, the pallet equipment lift pays for itself down the road by enhancing productivity and efficiency.