State of the Art Engineering Solution for pallet exchange

We’ll recommend the most suitable pallet inverter solution based on your load, production flows, and the required level of automation. Our experts will advise on a product range with more than 50 different models, designed for every application.

Why do you need to exchange the pallets?

For Hygiene and Sanitation Requirements

To swap broken pallets or broken products

To Ship out cheaper pallets or customer specific pallets

Standardization of pallet
for internal handling

Can we observe your machine in action before buying?

Certainly! We welcome customer visits at our showroom warehouse in South Florida to witness the machine in operation. If the machine it’s a specialized solution beyond our standard production, we can organize a virtual demo from our colleagues in Italy.

Can a pallet exchanger handle delicate products?

One particularly smooth solution for handling fragile products is the Falcon Wings. Take a look at it!

How to choose the right solution?

By speaking to our experts who take into account factors such as production flows, desired level of automation, and the types of products being handled, they will advise the best solution from more than our 50 different models.

Why Top Industries Inc?

We offer the most advanced tecnologies in the pallet exchanger market thanks to our parent company and italian manufacturer Toppy. They are the world leading company for state of the art pallet exchanging solutions.