Frozen foods & cold storage industry equipment 

Frozen foods & cold storage equipment has fundamental importance for the frozen food market. Cold storage facilities need to handle frozen and/or refrigerated food products in the correct way to maintain proper conservation.

Our innovative solutions will have a significant impact on your business processes.

Choosing pallet-changing devices and the correct machinery capable of removing/inserting the freezer spacers ensures that products are kept at a certain temperature during the handling process while increasing productivity. TopIndustries offers patented machinery capable of allowing the removal of freezer spacers and possibly inserting them if necessary.

Insert and remove freezer spacer machine
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Pallet changers within the Frozen Foods & Cold Storage Industries

How to remove/insert Freezer Spacers

TopIndustries has various solutions in its product range that allow cold storage warehouses handle insertion and removal of freezer spacers. These are patented solutions capable of facilitating the operator’s operation manually.

The acquisition of this type of solution allows you to speed up the storage process of the products inside the cold room. The products must be frozen or speed up the defrosting operation when the products are picked up from the warehouse and must be shipped.

Depending on the level of automation, the speed required, storage space, and the type of products, TopIndustries offers these solutions:

Mobile pallet changer Turner 3300

Thanks to its versatility, this is our most requested mobile pallet changer in the American market. This solution, in addition to being able to change the pallet for various industrial applications, allows the removal of freezer spacers. As a result, this machine is officially recognized worldwide as the only mobile solution capable of removing freezer spacers in multiple plant areas. The “Turner 3300” can handle products up to a maximum weight of 3,300 lbs with a performance of up to 20 pallets / h.

Pallet Tipper “Freezer Spacer Removal Machine”

This patented stationary pallet tipper device is in great demand in frozen food industry. It is the only device that allows the removal of freezer spacers and their insertion. It is a stationary solution available in various configurations depending on the type of product. It is designed solely to satisfy the need to insert freezer spacers, which occurs thanks to the equipment of a mobile roller that can be locked or unlocked according to the need. This solution can handle products up to 3,300 lbs with a performance of up to 60 pallets / h.

Advantages with our Pallet Tippers

To facilitate the separation of the products and allow the insertion or removal of the freezer spacers, the overturning of the load is activated at 90°-95°, depending on the type of product.

The use of these solutions brings several advantages:

  • Save time: the operation of changing pallets or managing freezer spacers is usually carried out by hand. Our solutions reduce the number of operators and automate the handling process;
  • Save Money: automation allows to speed up the product handling process, consequently increasing the production and sales capacity. In addition, you save on the operator’s cost by automating the insertion and/or removal of freezer spacers.
  • Security: All of our solutions have been designed with the safety of operators and loads handled first. It is of fundamental importance to ensure the integrity of the products during their handling.

pallet tipper

Long-term safeguard method for frozen products

To combat the deterioration of products, conservation has always been a constant challenge to overcome the factor of time. Initially, it was discovered that cooking products lengthen the expiration period. Still, there has been a revolution regarding food preservation with the discovery of preservation through cold temperatures.

Thanks to the conservation through cold temperature, it is possible to maintain the chemical and nutritional state of the substances as well as to preserve the same product for an extended period without altering the state.

Thanks to the new method of cold preservation, new types of products have been created and are called “frozen foods.” In the United States, frozen foods reached large-scale distribution around 1928. Since then, new systems and methods have been developed to freeze and handle products in total safety.

Today, any food can reach the table thanks to the method of freezing products. The different methods by which products can be frozen properly are distinguished and analyzed below. First of all, it must be considered that the method of freezing products can be distinguished into several procedures:

  • Freezing: is used both within industries and homes for domestic use. Since temperatures ranging from -7 ° to -18 ° are implemented with the freezing process of the products, it is not 100% guaranteed that the products will deteriorate. With the freezing of the products, large ice crystals are created that occupy the spaces that contain the water. For this reason, some nutritional values ​​may be lost during this operation.
  • Deep-freezing: with this method, the nutritional values ​​of food are lost. This is because the ice crystals created during the process are very small. It is defined as rapid freezing and is the basic principle for managing frozen products, where temperatures of -18 ° are reached. With this type of storage, it is possible to maintain the food’s nutrients.
  • Refrigeration: reduces the decomposition process for a few days or even up to a week. Usually, the products are preserved at a temperature between 0 ° and 10 °.