The Best Way for Pallet Exchanging in Pallet Storage Area

If you work in a pallet storage area, there have certainly been occasions for the management and organization of loads and the need for pallet changes. Discover all the infos here! 

pallet storage area
pallet storage area
pallet storage area

The pallets have wide load-bearing capacities so that products can be stored as well as handled collectively. Thus in-house and logistic distribution, transportation, and stacking operation run efficiently.

Top Industries help clients in choosing the best pallet handling solution suitable to their specific industry and product needs. A pallet storage area allows for maximizing space utilization because palletization increases vertical space in the warehouse. 

Material handling machines like pallet jacks or forklifts are incorporated to allow efficient and smooth mobility of palletized products in transit and within the warehouse. 

De-palletization techniques in pallet storage area

Depalletization is approached differently depending on the product to be shipped and dispatched in every pallet storage area. 

Manual depalletization

The pallet is removed manually from the tipped load. Goods are carried manually and tipper in order to facilitate the operator for removing the old pallet and inserting manually the new one. 

Semi-automatic depalletization

Manual dependence in a pallet storage area can cause inefficiencies and workplace hazards. In the semi-automatic depalletization process, the heavy goods are delivered on a conveyor belt to an operator. 

The operator will use material handling equipment and handle the loaded pallet as required. It ensures employee safety and handling efficiency increases. Even storage tasks are completed efficiently because the automatic lifting with rotational features offers great ergonomic benefits. Less physical work!

plastic pallets vs wooden pallets pallet changer
load transfer system machine

Automatic palletization

It is a technologically advanced way to run a palletization process. The goods are stacked quickly and optimistically. The automatic palletization approach can be categorized into –

  1. Conventional system

     – Goods are transferred via a conveyor belt to a layer-building table, which is pre-programmed and thus follows the pattern. Heavy goods are retrieved and arranged in layers automatically and repetitively.

  The human error issue is nullified and the automatic palletization can operate at different speeds ranging from 15 to 200 rounds per minute.

  1. Robotic system

     – Robotic arms are used to lift heavy or bulky products from the conveyor belt and properly stack it on the pallets. It is a great solution for operations performed under a harsh environment like in cold storage. 

Depalletizer Pallet inverter
Depalletizer in action

Advantages of Palletization in pallet storage area

1. Quick handling

The depalletization process concentrates on transfering products from one pallet to another. It is an innate feature that improves material handling in warehouses. Palletized goods are stacked in many layers, which allows them to carry them collectively. This ensures quick handling essential in the perishable goods sector like shipping fruits and vegetables.

2. Improved functioning

The depalletization process aims toward the efficiency of operations. The introduction of semi-automated and automated systems has enhanced functioning in the warehouse and logistics sector.

3. Reduces risk

Warehouse-stored goods can be heavy and bulky, which is associated with loss or damage in the supply chain. Depalletization ensures goods’ safety, especially heavy products. Pallets are tough, flat surfaces with immense load-bearing capacity. With depalletized goods business owners need not be worried about safe transport. 

4. Easy transportation in pallet storage area

Transportation and shipping of goods are made quick, easy, and stress-free with palletization. It is because depalletization facilitates to carry-off of many pallets collectively at once. 

pallet changerpallet transfer station

Pallet racking: a revolutionary phenomenon for the palletized good in pallet storage area

The pallet racking process involves storing palletized goods on pallet racks. The pallet racks ensure to store maximum goods and use maximum space in the warehouse.

Common depalletizing methods in pallet storage area

Block stack

Loaded pallets are stacked on top of one another and organized in lanes. It is a great option, where pallets to store are minimal and you have less maintenance time. the downside is that it needs more space to lift and move pallets. Vertical space utilization is limited and if pallets are damaged the stacks can slip and cause injury. 

Stack racks in pallet storage area

Stacking frames hold a pallet overflow and are a great option for warehouses with higher ceilings. It is a great option for palletized products that cannot be stacked directly on top of one another.

Vertical space usage is maximized and stacks can be transported as one unit. Unfortunately, its upfront cost is high and pallet access is inadequate.

pallet storage area pallet staker v-shape minilogy

Single deep pallet rack

Employees can access every pallet stored in a rack because each pallet has an individual space. It’s ideal in a distribution center as forklifts can reach pallets from every direction. For the aisles, significant floor space is required and if not implemented properly there is the risk of leaning and crushing.

Double deep pallet rack

It is an expansion of a single deep structure including back-to-back rows of the pallet. For high-density warehouses, it is a great configuration because cubic space use is enhanced. Few aisles are needed and storage space can be reconfigured easily. However, it limits access to some pallets, which reduces throughput rates.

Gravity flow pallet racking

It is a high-density storage method suitable for distribution centers because automation is preferred here. Multiple pallet layers are stored enhancing cube utilization. Businesses that need to maintain a FIFO system will find this method excellent. The initial cost is high and there is a need to invest in specialized equipment like racks and rollers. 

Pallet Storage Area Vshape with gravity pallet dispensers

Drive-in racking

Forklift trucks are driven directly inside to retrieve pallets. It is great for the high-density situation and uses all the available space. It is a great option for temperature-controlled products. You need trained personnel and special handling equipment to operate. Not a great alternative for time-sensitive items like pharmaceuticals.

Push back racking in pallet storage area

It involves a static rack structure including carts that can move along the rails. It works on single-aisle design and pallet selection is made simple. Not a good option for time-sensitive goods and storage limits as well as is expensive to implement.

Palletization is a major process in every warehouse, so consult professionals before choosing a system for your business.