Pallet inverter environment, the social balance and report

pallet changer change the pallet and cares abot the environment

The socio-environmental balance is becoming increasingly important from year to year, also thanks to campaigns and awareness-raising trends on a global scale. In this blog, therefore, we will initially talk about how these trends are followed by companies to promote their business through the communication of the actions that are carried out annually. The document that allows this is the socio-environmental balance sheet. The reasons for which it is drawn up and what it may contain will be indicated to allow the subsequent analysis on the TopIndustries Inc case which, on the other hand, offers a non-marketing in this regard despite the numerous activities and interest in the territory and people. We will also discuss the categories within which companies can operate and communicate their actions and what Top Industries does and how it has chosen to operate to improve community well-being.

What is the social and environmental report and to whom it is directed

To date, with the increase in public interest in all-round sustainability issues, it is becoming increasingly important to be active in some way on issues that do not directly concern the company activity and above all there is the need to communicate the commitment . The best way to do this, as well as the one regulated by international guidelines, consists in drawing up the socio-environmental balance sheet.

This type of document is drawn up internally by the company according to the necessary fees and represents an extremely technical advertisement. The target of this communication is multiple and varied. It is a document aimed at all stakeholders of the company both internal and external, that is, all those who have relationships with the company and are only linked to it by the intersection of economic interests rather than not. We speak in the same way of suppliers rather than of the workforce or the shareholders themselves, but also of all those citizens interested in social policies and public bodies.

Each stakeholder has different interests and consequently also the approach to communication cannot be the same. In fact, the attention paid to the activities carried out can be direct or indirect. Direct attention mainly matures in all those who directly suffer the effects of social actions, benefiting both as a community and individually as regards the outside; and top management with a view to managing expenses. Indirectly, on the other hand, the interests that can accrue mainly concern collaborating companies that benefit from collaborating by associating themselves with a reality that does not only pursue economic purposes. This last aspect helps to greatly increase customer confidence and promotes their loyalty.

In common practice, the socio-environmentalbalance sheet is not a document to be drawn up in a mandatory form for small to medium-sized companies. It becomes so for all those companies that exceed certain limits imposed by the legal system (two out of three conditions to be respected for at least two consecutive years between: having at least 500 employees, turnover exceeding 40 million euros and value of assets exceeding 20 million euros in Italy). Consequently, there is still no in-depth regulation on the subject and companies are left free to operate in the way they prefer.


Scope of application of the social and environmental report

There are mainly three areas in which the actions are developed: the economic environment, the ecological environment and the social environment. Each company can operate in any way, setting one or more objectives. As for the financial statements, this type of document also consists of a tabular part and a descriptive part, which takes on even more importance as it is there that the actions and motivations that guided the process are explained in depth.


  • Economic environment: all operations concerning employees at national level are attributed to this area. The point of view considered is that of contributing to maintaining the level of employment and national income on the highest possible thresholds overall.
  • Ecological environment: all operations concerning the use of natural resources for the well-being of the community are attributed to this area. Interest in this subject is growing thanks to the various awareness campaigns. All actions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and saving resources in general with a view to avoiding waste are included.  
  • Social Enviroment: all operations concerning employees are attributed to this area. The vision, this time, is based on personal growth. If before the vision was that of employment and therefore from a general perspective of the world of employees, this area is much more specific. All additional employee benefits and company welfare in general fall within this scope.

Depending on the different commitment of the company and on the basis of the types of investments made, the activity can bring different advantages in different terms. The first, and perhaps the most important, is the acquisition of more talent. Having created a certain type of reputation, it is easy to think that based on the fame acquired through the implementation of these activities, the best talents are encouraged to undertake a level work experience. This involves an increase in internal skills that improve business processes thus triggering a chain process.
Another advantage, in addition to the better control of costs, is also the better management of the same. This is because in terms of the ecological environment, resource management is one of the possible values ​​to communicate. Therefore, the task of limiting energy-related expenses becomes a challenging activity for the entire organization.


TopIndustries INC

Top Industries Inc moves in each of these sectors trying to promote as much as possible, especially internally, a serene work environment that is as little as possible a source of stress for employees.

The communication of the operations is not always explicit, but on the contrary it is constant in the actions and helps each employee not to feel burdened by the amount of work.

In concrete terms, the organization provides for the care of employees by strongly believing in flexible hours. Its employees are allowed to organize their work also according to their needs within the limits of company coexistence. This first factor may seem like a minimum effort, but it is not so as in addition to greatly expanding the possible candidates by not limiting their spaces and related needs, it also helps to greatly reduce stress and allowing the worker to make himself available during periods of the day when it is most productive. However, although this contributes to creating a peaceful environment, with little turnover and higher attendance rates, the company’s commitment is to use more economic resources for its employees. This occurs because in this way the effectiveness of work is reduced and consequently greater employment. This is just one of the ways in which the company is close to its employees and stimulates them in a healthy environment regarding the social environment. In fact, beyond this, small local realities are promoted through sponsorships and many other activities.

However, where the greatest focus is placed is on the ecological environment. At all levels of the organization there is a constant commitment to optimizing resources of any kind. A display is even exposed with the amount of CO2 saved daily in order to have a performance standard to keep up to date so that it becomes, even in this case, a challenge for operators at all levels.

The general line of the company, following its values, is to constantly put people at the center and this is done regardless of whether they are internal or external to the company.


Pallet inverter and its social/enviromental report

To summarize, the importance of drafting the socio-environmental report derives from many aspects.

From the point of view of mere economic return, we have seen how this represents excellent advertising and contributes to growing fame as a Green Brand.

This can also lead to the emergence of new market segments on which to operate. Especially with the increase in importance perceived by the community on these issues, it is increasingly important to anticipate everything that can bring value in the future. Top Industries Inc has always been a leader in this. Regardless of whether it is pallet inverter or an everyday environment, the company’s imprint is always to take a look at the future to allow itself to always be innovative and with fresh proposals for the community in order to increase the value for all those who surround it.

Top Industries Inc operates in different ways depending on the area taken into consideration, but it does so mainly for the sake of common welfare and not according to advertising or marketing logics. In fact, it is not possible to find much news about it online at the moment. This is a symptom of an almost non-existent communication in these terms, but which is revealed when the reality is analyzed by deepening the environment firsthand.