Layer Picker
“The Side Press”

It’s the advanced alternative of layer picker forklift attachment. This layer picker is capable of dividing stacks of products in a very safe way. It can also be used for pallet exchanging by lifting and moving  up different kind of loads.

layer picker Side press

Description of layer picker

The layer picker “Side Press” changes the pallet by gently pressing the product and lifting it allowing the operator to change the pallet underneath. 

The operation is possible thanks to two platforms that block and lift the product from the pallet. It will than be transported and released on the new pallet.

The pressure is adjustable

The operaton can control and adjust the pressure thanks to pressure gauge or a pressure selector preset on four positions.

“Side Press” applies a delicate pressure to the load thanks to a black-mousse. It handles fragile products up to 3.300 pounds. Layer picker “Side Press” is also available as a stationary solution.

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In the last 5 years, the application of layer picking is slowly becoming popular in the industry. This has been seen mainly in the business where grocery and beverage distribution are the main activities, for meeting the increasing demand of maintaining SKU volume.

Layer picking is nothing but a process of picking order and it is an ideal solution for the process where high-volume mixing or staging is involved. With the help of layer picking, it is possible to quickly build certain mixed-SKU pallets with one or more layers at a single time.

What is layer picking?

Layer picking can be a way to assemble swiftly a customized combination of products onto a certain single pallet. It can be an ideal application for certain operations where one has to deal with just-in-time orders. 

Also, if you need any capable system to fulfill mixed-SKU pallets containing several high-volume products then this can be the best solution. A fork truck can use a layer-picking attachment in the forklift for selecting a layer of products.

Picking a large layer at a single time in this manner can be much more efficient as compared to doing the same operation manually a single case at a time. Thus, it can increase the efficiency of the operation.

Also, this type of handling can be much safer for products as well as workers alike. Cases will have less risk of any damage and physical labor will be reduced where there is a chance of certain injuries too.

By introducing layer picking solution, your workers can be deployed for some other important tasks in your operation. 

The following are some of the benefits that have been seen of using a layer-picking system:

layer picker
  • Fulfillment of JIT (Just-in-time) orders
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased order-pick accuracy
  • On a single pick, single-layer, multiple layers, or even full pallet can be done
  • Automatic product tracking is possible within the warehouse
  • Data on material flow for process evaluation, order picking effectiveness, and productivity for ongoing efficiency monitoring.

Training an operator on layer pickers is east and it can make a tremendous impact on the operations within the business facilities.

Firstly, the total operation is defined to all the operators. How the flow for the layer pick zone will function and how introducing this new layer picking system will improve will be explained.

The whole thing can be demonstrated with practical implementation. By placarding pallets, the process can be done so that the operator can practice on them and improve their skill before they actually perform the same in the actual job.

Layer picker pallet exchanger

You can revolutionize your warehouse processes

A fully-integrated layer picker solution can offer automated de-palletizing as well as pallet-to-pallet picking. By using this automated, flexible solution you can easily scale up your operation.

It can offer unmatched performance for any warehouse. It can also pick both single/multiple layers and also layers with voids. 

Layer picker forklift attachment types

1.     Stationary carriage mount

Using an integrated carriage, this kind of layer picker is directly attached to the mast. It is only capable of loading and unloading items in front of the forklift.

2.     Stationary fork mount

Using 2 fork pockets on the top of the attachment to attach to the forklift. It has been designed to easily attach or remove from forklifts used for tasks other than layer picking too.

3.     Stationary side mount

An alternative to the typical mast that must be put on the forklift is a layer picker and mast combination. The layer picker does not swing and is positioned either on the forklift’s left or right side. When all the pallets are on one side of the forklift, this is practical.

4.     Swing model

An alternative to the typical mast that must be attached to the forklift is a mast and a combination of layer picker. It includes a rotating arm that enables the layer picker to pick up goods in front, to the left, and to the right of the forklift. Useful for:

  • When on either side of the forklift
  • When pallets will be in front of a forklift

5.     Magnetic layer pickers

There are magnetic and clamping versions of the layer picker kinds available. Metal objects, such as cans, are picked up by magnetic layer pickers using a rectangular magnet for stacking. The magnets often don’t need any outside power sources to function.

layer picker side press
carton clamp attachment for clamp handling - box clamp forklift

After you decide on the proper type of layer picker forklift attachment meant for your application, you must consider adding rail guidance. There are 2 types of rail guidance:

  • Dual rail
  • Single rail.

A single rail setup keeps the forklift a safe distance away from the item it is picking by using one rail that is mounted to the ground. When a rail is attached on both sides of the forklift, this is known as dual rail guidance.

The forklift can have extra room to move left and right thanks to dual rail guiding. Applications utilizing a swing model that selects on both sides of the forklift are ideally suited for this choice.

For side mount stationary layer pickers, the single rails system keeps the forklift a predetermined distance from each individual rail on one side of the forklift.

As the technology is improving, more options and custom configurations will be available to fit all your specific needs. A suitable forklift with sufficient capacity and maneuverability is also necessary to complete the task.

Alternatively, would you like an automatic solution?

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