Layer Picker
“The Side Press”

This is the new and advanced alternative of the layer picker forklift attachment.

This layer picker has the ability to safely separate stacks of products and easily exchange pallets by lifting and moving various types of loads.

layer picker Side press

The Side Press Splitter: The Advanced Alternative to forklift layer picker attachment

The Side Press Splitter is the latest alternative to forklift layer picker attachment, and it is designed to revolutionize pallet exchange and layer picking.

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What is a layer picker?

A layer picker is picking equipment used to pick cases in layers and move them to a conveyor or stack them on pallets, typically used in industries with large SKU lot sizes like the beverage or food industry.

Side Press Splitter – The 2023 Alternative

The “Side Press Splitter”, part of the pallet changers‘ family, is the alternative to layer picker forklift attachment that can divide stacks of products in a safe and efficient manner. It can also be used for pallet exchanging by gently pressing and lifting the products to allow the operator to change the pallet underneath. The product is lifted using two platforms that block and lift it from the pallet, and it is then transported and released on the new pallet.

The pressure is adjustable 

The Side Press Splitter features an adjustable pressure system that allows the operator to control and adjust the pressure using a pressure gauge or a pressure selector preset on four positions. This innovative layer picker applies a delicate pressure to the load, thanks to a black-mousse, which can handle fragile products weighing up to 3,300 pounds. It is also available as a stationary solution.

Image of a layer picker forklift attachment

Discover the Advantages of Side Press Splitter

While layer picker forklift attachment have their advantages, the Side Press Splitter, very similar to the Mobile Pallet Changer, is a superior solution for dividing layers:

The Benefits of Using a Layer Picker for Pallet Changing

1. Space-saving design

The Side Press Splitter is a space-saving solution that requires less floor space than a layer picker forklift attachment. It can be easily moved and positioned within a facility, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in material handling operations, instead of a forklift.

2. Faster and easier to use

The Side Press Splitter is faster and easier to use than a forklift with an attachment. It can change pallets in as little as 30 seconds, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. In addition, it requires minimal training to operate, making it a user-friendly option for material handling operations.

3. Non-damaging to products

The Side Press Splitter is a non-damaging solution for handling products. It uses a gentle, side-to-side pressing motion to transfer products from one pallet to another, eliminating the risk of product damage. This is particularly important for fragile or high-value products that require careful handling.

What is layer picking?

Layer picking is a material handling process where a specific layer of products is picked and assembled onto a pallet at one time, instead of manually selecting individual cases. Layer picking can greatly increase operational efficiency and reduce labor costs, making it an ideal solution for high-volume mixing or staging applications.

If you’re interested in optimizing your warehouse or distribution center, layer picking could be the perfect solution for you. With the ability to assemble customized combinations of products quickly and safely onto a single pallet, layer picking can improve supply chain efficiency and reduce physical labor. 

Benefits of using a layer-picking system

Using a layer-picking system can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of your operation. Here are some of the benefits of using a layer-picking system:

  • Increased Efficiency – Layer picking allows you to pick a large layer of products at once, which can significantly increase the efficiency of your operation. This means that your workers can be deployed for other important tasks, which can help to increase your overall productivity.

Streamlining Your Pallet Changing Process with a Layer Picker

  • Reduced Risk of Damage – Layer picking is a much safer way to handle products, as it significantly reduces the risk of damage to the products and the workers.

The Importance of Proper Pallet Changing How a Layer Picker Can Help

  • Improved Safety – By reducing the need for manual handling, layer picking can significantly improve the safety of your workers, reducing the risk of injury and increasing overall workplace safety.

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