Cosmetic Industry Material Handling Solutions

Cosmetic industry material handling solutions must keep pace with the continuous global growth and increase in consumer demand. Cosmetics industry is driven by scientific innovations that allow cosmetic manufacturing companies to develop innovative and exciting personal care items for consumers.

Cosmetic companies explore all potential facets of beauty and well-being annually and analyze the surveys on consumer behavior and different aesthetic aspirations. This certainly involves a consistent flow of products within the factories, which is why the automated management of loads is of fundamental importance to coordinate the increase in consumer demand with the efficiency of logistics centers and, above all, economic sustainability.

The innovation of the cosmetic industry is a constant process. New ingredients are continuously being developed where the safety of man and the environment is always considered the basis. Every year all cosmetic products on the market are improved or created entirely new. Although the innovation of the cosmetic industry is a constantly evolving process, fundamental revolutionary discoveries are rare. To give a practical example, it took over 20 years of research and scientific advancements to remove the ammonia odor from the hair dye.

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Fresh product development ideas must be coordinated with safe and efficient warehouse management systems. This is why controlling and managing incoming and outgoing products strongly relates to economic sustainability. For example, a cosmetic company has the main objective of designing and proposing innovative products but internally evaluates above all how to optimize the management process of these products.

TopIndustries is the world’s leading company supplying innovative equipment for optimizing pallet storage management processes. Our pallet exchanger equipment helps establish a load handling methodology in step with scientific product developments. Managing the pallet of incoming products has become a determining factor for the entire load management process. Cosmetic manufacturers must comply with multiple standards to allow products to enter the production and packaging process.

The main factor is that products on wooden pallets (not sanitized) cannot enter the company, which is why the products must be placed on plastic pallets (compliant with hygiene and health standards).

TopIndustries provides solutions with high-generation technological advancements, thanks above all to three fundamental points that characterize the development of our pallet changers:

  1. Development of solutions in step with market needs
  2. Increased demand for automation levels
  3. Proposal of solutions able to manage all products moving on pallets

Our engineers transform our customers’ needs into concrete ideas through solution projects. The most suitable pallet change method is chosen, ensuring the safety and stability of the cosmetic product. Our pallet changer/inverter pallet solutions take into account various steps before being proposed or designed:

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  • Product safety and compliance with health and hygiene regulations

The pallet change solution is selected that can handle finished products without damaging or ruining them even minimally, in full compliance with the hygiene and sanitary standards.

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the solution

Each solution brings a different level of automation that allows you to optimize and speed up the load handling process.

  • Sustainability assessment

TopIndustries has over 50 models of pallet changers according to all the different budgets available. Depending on the solution chosen, the return on investment is presented to assess the level of sustainability in the acquisition phase of the machinery.

If you need a customized solution that reduces the unproductiveness of the operators’ manual work, rely on our pallet exchangers solutions. Together, we will find the best Cosmetic Industry Material Handling Solution that best suits your needs.