Why do you need a pallet changer?

One of the most advanced technologies for companies that produce products and distribute them on the market are pallet changers.

This technology brings great benefits to the organization of the company and speeds up the production processes of large, small, and medium-sized enterprises.

Stationary pallet changer side mover bags

An innovation-oriented company has more chances of being rewarded on the market and therefore of having an advantage over its competitors.

When thinking about a pallet changing machine, you need to keep in mind what type of product we have to handle and how much space in the warehouse we have to carry out the necessary operations. The pallet on which the products will lay can be made of different materials and different shapes so it is important to make the right choice for a good stability of the products.

The reason for the pallet changing operation

  1. Hygienic-sanitary reasons
  2. When exiting the “white areas”, change from plastic to wood
  3. To save on shipping pallets
  4. To automate the operation done manually by the operators
  5. To replace broken pallets
  6. To replace broken products

Palletization involves placing the goods on a pallet in order to move the load with different means of transport such as a pallet truck or forklift. The pallet change is the key element in the subsequent phases of product grouping.

Moving goods is never a quick and easy job, especially if you consider the growing market demand.

Investing in a pallet changer has great benefits. Let’s see some of them together:

pallet changers

Depending on the products to be handled and how many pallets per hour you want to change, the are different type of pallet inverters and pallet changers.

The pallet changers are different and can be customized according to the needs of the company and the products. When evaluating a machine it is good to ask yourself if your product is tipper and how much it weighs.

The dimensions of the pallet changers can vary, they can be installed in confined spaces or take up more space depending on the availability of the warehouse and the products to be handled.

Reduction of injuries
The pallet change makes operations safer thanks to safety protections and the limited intervention of the worker in the operations.

Safer products
The pallet changer allows you to change the broken pallet even under fragile products avoiding errors and physical effort on the part of the workers.

TheEasy changerpallet changer

A revolutionary new pallet changing system is our Easy changer.

Over the years, this machine has satisfied the needs of the largest multinationals including food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and are highly performing in terms of speed and automation.

It is a fixed station with integrated pallet stacker that allows you to replace the pallet without tipping the load. Capable of changing 80 pallets / hour, it is able to handle products with any height that have a maximum weight of 1500 kg.

This pallet changer is capable of handling many types of products such as boxes, vials, flasks, trays, bottles, packs, big bags, big boxes, drums, cardboard drums, buckets, cans, reels, large cartons, paper rolls , plywood etc.

This stationary pallet changer can be semi-automatic or fully automatic and has a series of safety fences and light curtains.

The integrated dispenser can hold up to 12 pallets and is loaded and unloaded on the floor with a transpallet.

pallet changers

Let’s see below the pallet change operation.

  • The operator proceeds to the machinery with the product placed on the original pallet which is inserted between two walls and placed against the wall that separates the pallet change station from the pallet dispenser.
  • Thanks to the safe pressure exerted by the two side walls, the product is blocked to be separated from the original pallet. The operator can thus go out with the trolley.
  • The approach of the walls is managed by a control panel adjacent to the pallet changer or by a pocket remote control.
  • To complete the pallet replacement operation, the operator picks up the target pallet from a pallet stacker and with the trolley pushes the old pallet towards the rear integrated pallet dispenser, thus inserting the new one. If the pallet change operation is continuous, all the pallets that are replaced are automatically stacked on top of each other.
  • The operation is very simple and fast.
  • At this point the side walls widen, placing the load on the new pallet which can thus be removed by the operator.
  • The unloading of the pallet magazine with Easy changer can take place in two ways: from the front (front) and from the back (from behind).
  • Unloading in the front takes place thanks to the lowering of the pallet dispenser to floor height and the lifting of the part that separates the pallet from the change area. This allows the pallet truck to enter the stack of pallets. The maximum pallet storage capacity is 10 pallets.
  • In the rear unloading operation, the pallet warehouse is lowered to floor height so as to allow the operator to extract the stack of pallets from behind. The maximum pallet storage capacity is 15 pallets.

pallet changers

Thanks to our latest generation pallet inverter and pallet changer we are considered world leaders in pallet changing operations. Automating processes and therefore investing in a pallet changing machine means investing in the growth of the company and in the people who work there.

TopIndustries INC machines have state-of-the-art safety systems such as metal nets and photocells that block machinery in an emergency. All TopIndustries INC products are built with the highest quality materials to make the machinery robust and safe.

Our range includes many machines for every need: in addition to stationary machines we have mobile machines and logistic systems for changing pallets. TopIndustries INC provides an after-sales assistance system for installation, maintenance and any spare parts. Our experts are available to train machine operators directly in your factory.

We also offer the opportunity to test your products with our machines directly in your warehouse in case you are not authorized to ship your products for a test.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to find the pallet changer that best suits your needs!