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topindustries corporate values

The following article will deal with the importance of selecting corporate values ​​and consistency both in application and in their definition and interpretation. This must happen in order to then allow the various company bodies to be able to communicate effectively with the staff. The goal must be to provoke their involvement and not define the company as a place external to one’s person necessary only for economic purposes, which is certainly the main aspect for each employee, but as an integral part of the personal sphere with points in common and a source of satisfaction.

The process is extremely complex, which is why it must be transmitted in increasingly innovative ways involving the personal sphere. The system of values ​​is certainly the best method to achieve the result. Finding points in common between the personal system and the business system involves an emotional approach to the organization with corresponding increases in engagement and performance. In the following paragraphs it will be explained how the choice of values ​​impact the employee and what are the major criticality. Furthermore, even TopIndustries Inc has decided to address the issue thus driving part of the success. A final crucial factor will always accompany the article: the communication of values. This is because an accurate selection of the main values ​​to follow is not sufficient if poorly communicated as no one will then be involved in the emotional sphere and consequently the effects would be eliminated, creating important imbalances.

The core values ​​of Top Industries INC

In any company, even before it comes to life and begins to operate on the market, regardless of the sector of origin or geographical context, there is a choice that is crucial to say the least for what the company life will be. Whether for what will determine the business success or not and why not, also its strengths and weaknesses. Undoubtedly, the choice of values ​​is the thing that most influences the business activity in its early years, when the bond with them is still very strong. In Italy, given the widespread use of small and medium-sized businesses, the choice of corporate values ​​reflects the vision of the founder and this can represent an advantage, but also a significant defect.

Probably, the first question to ask is about why the founder’s personal values ​​are extremely related to those of the organization as a whole. The answer may seem as obvious as it is relevant in the economy of everyday life: the values ​​of the organization must always be shared by any internal or external stakeholder, without distinction. The direct consequence of this is therefore the almost 100% affinity in most cases of the fundamental values ​​of the company and its founder.
The sharing of values ​​has a different impact on each subject also on the basis of their own personality (a strong personality does not adapt, but seeks its own values ​​in the organization; the opposite happens instead for less strong personalities who tend to adapt), creating a link between the worker and the working context which, if poorly constructed, leads to discontent that can also lead to a high level of turnover.

Failure to share values, regardless of personality type, creates in the long term a discomfort of different intensity based on the different level of perceived inconsistency which generates a decrease in engagement on a psychological level. The low level itself in turn leads the worker to convince himself to work only because it is necessary or well paid, thus canceling the dedicated commitment and greatly decreasing performance. Obviously, it is not only the worker who is influenced, but through a chain mechanism the whole work group is affected; which is why business success, even before choosing the values ​​themselves, passes from sharing them in their entirety.

This factor affects the motivational aspect on a psychological level. And the emergence of frustration in working for a company that travels on completely opposite tracks, in terms of values, has the final consequence of collective disengagement. The worker will therefore feel less and less integrated into the daily economy of the business and could also trigger negative word of mouth about the company internally. It is obviously bad publicity as it is internal and will make it more difficult for new resources to enter viable for the generational change if it continues.

The frustration factor also causes a high level of stress in the person, recognized in recent years as one of the first three causes of disease and its manifestation takes on an increasingly exponential growth. The sharing of values, therefore, is an aspect to be taken care of by both actors of the company contract precisely at the level of health and integrity, including psychological. In Toppy, this problem is solved at the source with a profound communication of the historical values ​​that have characterized the success trend from 1978 to today.

How Top Industries INC works

Top Industries Inc in order to first reach and then maintain its market leadership through its highly technological products that are adaptable to the most diverse customer needs, it had to maintain its values ​​which in fact have not changed over time. Consistency in this has always been guaranteed by top management and transmitted to the entire company in different ways, all to root as best as possible in all those who want to share them by working in the company. The main ones concern: familiarity, innovation, quality and value of people.
Familiarity can be considered as the foundation on which the whole structure rests and without which it would collapse. In the company this characterizes all environments, from offices to the warehouse and between different departments without distinction. The company is, like most Italian companies, family-run since its inception and this involves clear ideas from the very first moment even today. Furthermore, as in working families, this internal peculiarity at the top of the company spills over into the workforce, creating a peaceful, but stimulating environment. Familiarity is also perceived only by the way you communicate or by the air you breathe and this positively influences all the work of individuals and groups that lead to excellence on a global level. Communication, although serious and prepared, is informal, thus overcoming all barriers to promote speed and understanding with a view to optimizing the use of resources.
Just like a family, in Top Industries Inc, information therefore travels fast and well addressed thanks to the right organization. Both the positive characteristics of the classic company and the peculiar aspects of the family are exploited, creating a mix that is difficult to replicate and at the same time extremely effective.

Innovation, after familiarity, is the other aspect that characterizes the internal trend. This aspect is what differentiates Top Industries INC from all other competitors. Innovation is continuous on all technical aspects and over the years it has never stopped, both from the point of view of improving performance as has happened in the past, from the diversification of production lines according to needs. To date, as evidence of what has been said, the production range boasts over 50 different machines for any type of need in terms of performance required by the customer, warehouse space and type of products to be handled. This impacts the staff in several ways and the first is certainly involvement.
In fact, innovation being subject to many points of view must be sought by as many people as possible. From the point of view of pallet changers, depending on possible improvements that are noticed, engineers and others contribute to the formation of the final machine in order to consider as many problems and needs as possible and solve them.
Quality is a direct consequence of the innovation processes. There is no innovation without quality and vice versa and in Top Industries INC it resides both in the production materials and in the people. Once again, people are at the center of the company’s values, this justifies how much the foundations of familiarity are rooted in every single process and aspect of daily life since its foundation more than 20 years ago.

Pallet Changer Innovation

Briefly summarizing the content of the article, a general overview was made on the importance of values ​​by entering into the merits of a successful company in order to highlight how effectively values ​​are the basis on which to found the organization and engagement. The value of motivation is now known to the entire public that deals with business and has different ways of being activated.
The system of values ​​is the essential factor to be able to start the feeling of involvement necessary for business success which is the primary goal of any person who starts with a valid idea to be implemented. It emerged how fundamental it is, but in conclusion it is also necessary to say that it is not the sufficient condition for the achievement of company objectives. To engage a high level of motivation in the workforce, several operations must be carried out at the same time.
To conclude, the value system must be the foundation on which to build a lasting and successful path with the workforce, accompanied by further continuous pushes to ensure that the internal relationship is successful and consequently the entire organization benefits from it.

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