New Alternative of Slip Sheet Forklift

(The 2023 Method)

Are you looking for a Slip sheet forklift attachment for sale? Well… read below and discover the 2023 innovative way for handling slip sheet in a very safe and fast way.

slip sheet forklift attachment for sale

The 2023 method for slip sheet handling

The slip sheet attachment must be equipped with a special hydraulic push-pull attachment. Our system is installed with A NEW push-pull attachments.

Our push pull attachment utilizes a gripper bar for clamping down on the sheet and pull the load onto the platens while the loading process will start.

This slip sheet attachment for sale is easily connected to our new system to handle efficient pallet-less operation. Take a look to the image below!

inverter hands free slipsheet
inverter hands free slipsheet

Uses for slip sheets

When products are sent, these supports are used as a support for the materials being transported. It has no grooves and is narrow. It has benefits and drawbacks like every other appliance.

Only considering its shape, which is thin and devoid of grooves—it has benefits in terms of needing less space than a pallet, but it also increased the complexity of material handling.

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What is a slip sheet?

It’s nothing but a thin, sheet which has the size of a pallet and made from durable plastic, laminated heavy-duty paperboard, or any corrugated fiberboard. Slip sheets can be several inches wider and longer when compared to a standard pallet so that you can allow a certain push-pull attachment forklift gripper for grabbing the sheet.

They can offer a few key benefits as compared to pallets:

  • Lower transportation cost
  • Lower material cost
  • Can save your space
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less susceptible to contamination
slip sheet and slipsheets
slip sheet attachment

The use of this kind of support used with a slipsheet forklift can be an excellent alternative to any traditional bulky and expensive wooden or plastic pallets, and allow businesses to get rid of pallet use altogether.

They are usually thin pallet-sized sheets that are made out of:

  • Plastic
  • Laminated kraft paperboard
  • Corrugated fiberboard

They can be placed below the load and are generally used for pushing or pulling the load on and off your platens of any push-pull attachment.

Return of investment with slip sheets

Nowadays, their popularity is increasing as the awareness is increasing among companies about the ROI of using them. This kind of support has got huge potential for offering cost benefits and also productivity benefits for a company.

Discover here how to save money and time

Unlike pallets, you can even throw away your slip sheets because they are quite cheap and it does not need any repair. It also weighs lesser than any wooden pallet. Hence, you can load more amount of goods on slip sheets and maximize the use of space and also minimize shipping costs.

Slip sheets are also environment friendly, and can easily be recyclable as many companies are producing them from recycled materials.

push pull attachment

It makes it possible to handle pallet-less commodities safely and effectively in applications including handling corrugated boxes, bagged goods, fruit, and beverages.

Capacity ranges from 1600 kg to 2000 kg, and options include push-pull and load push with sheet retention. On specialized models, side shift is a possibility.

Comparison between pallets

Some businesses offer pallet-less operations that unitze products using slip sheets and push-pulls, which can save money and minimize a lot of damage.

The main benefit of a slip sheet has already been sufficiently covered. It can assist reduce the loss of box compression strength brought on by pallet overhanging and deck board spacing, let us reiterate that.

Load transfer staton Europalette
slip sheets forklift

Advantages of slip sheets instead of pallets 

Loads with this kind of support can be much less than that of a pallet, which reduces transportation expenses while also adding to the advantages of adopting slip sheets versus pallets.

Another benefit is that they take up much less room in containers than pallets, allowing for the loading of more items. Furthermore, they don’t need to be fumigated as pallets do.

Slip sheet has potential since it significantly increases the use of warehouse space. Additionally, because pallet shipments take up a lot of space, businesses like to stagger them, whereas slip sheets can always be ordered all at once.

Additionally, rat and other insect droppings, as well as leftovers from previously transported goods, can easily infect pallets. Slip sheets don’t serve as a medium for infestation or contaminants because they are flat and constructed of inert materials.

Slip sheets also take care of the fire risk that is particularly connected to wooden pallets.

In addition to these obvious advantages, businesses can see significant logistical cost savings for large numbers of containerized marine shipments and also air shipments.

slip-sheets forklift handling in usa
slipsheet robot slip-sheet forklift dispenser
slip-sheet forklift dispenser

Shipping with slip sheets

When shipping containers by sea, land, or rail, removing the pallet creates extra space in the container that, if carefully utilized, can hold more shippers per container.

Slip sheets are still a relatively new idea in the marketplace, so their adoption has been slow. The end user, not the product maker, is driving the adoption of such slip sheets because they wish to switch to newer technology.

Customers will change to fit their customers’ needs if the end-user decides not to accept items on pallets. But sooner rather than later, slip sheets will take the place of pallets in the majority of warehouses.

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