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If you would like to manage slip sheets with a push & pull system and exchange the load from one pallet to another, you are in the right place! We’ve just designed this new system capable of handling the slip sheet in a very safe and fast way. 

push pull slip sheet

The 2022 method for exchanging Slip Sheet with Pallet 

Therefore, these days in the market, a new alternative to forklift slip sheet attachment has been introduced which is an excellent alternative to using heavy, bulky, and also expensive plastic/wooden pallets. This solution helps you exchange them!

slip sheet forklift attachment for sale

Slip sheets are nothing but certain thin pallet-sized sheets usually made using plastic, corrugated fiberboard, or laminated kraft paperboard, and mostly are used in commercial shipping.

Like pallets, they are also placed below the load and are used to push or pull the load on and off through the platens of this push-pull attachment.

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A push-pull attachment is installed on our advanced systems. 

What is a Push Pull Slip Sheet?

Push-pulls enable you to handle all your goods using slip sheets rather than any pallets. Slip sheet can be a much more inexpensive solution than any pallet as it will reduce your pallet maintenance costs, storage area, and also damaged stock because of old and damaged pallets.

In many industries like construction, food, and beverage, such push-pull arrangements are commonly used. This kind of push-pull attachment is equipped on our advanced systems. 

The following are a few reasons to go for such an arrangement.

  1. Great savings on your transportation costs;
  2. Replaces your manual work;
  3. Increase your container shipping volume;
  4. Decrease the risk of any damaged stock;
  5. Usable in several types of industries;
  6. The integrated slip-sheet retaining function;
  7. Purchasing slip sheets will be much cheaper than purchasing pallets;
  8. You can create more space within trucks and containers during shipping by not using pallets;
  9. More storage space will be available inside the warehouse by omitting pallets;
  10. Raises productivity by offering the driver better visibility;
  11. Provides durability and strength for years of easy, and trouble-free operation;
  12. Provides quick, smooth operations having intense pull force and also efficient energy consumption;
push pull slip sheet

In light of the current emphasis on ergonomics, push-pull is a crucial tool. It not only makes it possible to load and unload containers fast, but it also eliminates the need for physically demanding manual labor.

To facilitate speedy switching between a certain Push-Pull device and conventional forks, Push-Pull equipment is developed. Once again, this guarantees excellent flexibility in terms of vehicle and equipment.

slip sheet and slipsheets
slip sheet attachment

The machinery may normally be utilized in all industries, right from food and wine to retail items and the transporting of bags, and it is typically used for commodities weighing up to 3.330 pounds. The machinery can also be used to load containers for foreign exports where slip sheets must be used since pallet standards are so stringent.

The technology is based on slip sheets, which are discs of cardboard or plastic that are pressed or dragged over the products. When the truck reaches its destination, the slip sheet will still be underneath the items, allowing Push-Pull handling.

The 2023 method for exchanging slip sheet to pallet 

The equipment is built with a slip-sheet holding mechanism, a feature that allows you to empty the container of its contents while still keeping the slip-sheet attached to the machinery. Again, because the slip sheet is reusable, this feature ensures reduced shipping costs.

Installation of Push Pull Slip Sheet 

Our push pull slip sheet system is fully equipped on our machines. There is no need of installation. In comparison to versions that are mounted on the lift truck forks, the overall residual perfomance of your push pull slip sheet attachment will also be increased. 

push pull attachment

With or without slip sheet holder

You can also prefer to go for either a push-pull with or without any slip sheet holder. The option with a slip sheet holder will allow you to reuse your plastic, paper sheets, or cardboard placed below the load.

In certain warehouses, sometimes large loads are stacked on top of each other. It is not necessary for such a situation, to stack loads by using pallets or slip sheets. By simply using a carton clamp, you can take a few boxes down from this load.

This option can also be useful when you are going to use slip sheets in the warehouse, but the customer uses pallets. The customer will come to collect his load and pallets that are waiting within his container.

By using a push-pull, it is possible to place easily the goods loaded on a certain slip sheet in the warehouse, onto the pallets of your customer, while keeping the slip sheet. This way, in your company the slip sheets will remain.

Specially developed push pull slip sheet attachment

The push-pull attachment, designed especially for handling slip sheets, uses a gripper bar for clamping down on the sheet and then pulling the load onto your platens during loading.

The items can then be unloaded from the platens and placed onto the container or truck trailer by the driver extending the hydraulic pushing grate and turning the forklift in the other direction.

For effective pallet-less handling, this solution is simply fully integrated on our machines. 

It makes it possible to handle pallet-less commodities safely and effectively in applications including handling corrugated boxes, bagged goods, fruit, and beverages.

Discover the Slip Sheet Loading System

Discover our advanced slip sheet loading system! This machine can be added in automatic pallet transfer system as a support for stacking and de-stacking slip sheets.

slip sheet

Slip sheet loading system by TopIndustries

The slip sheet improves pallet performances on different point of view, but before talking about it, let’s talk about what it is and how it works.

Slipsheet is a support for the material transportation where products stand during the shipment. It’s thin and without any grooves. As every tool, it has advantages and disadvantages. Thinking only about his shape, thin and without grooves, it brings advantages in terms of less space need compared to the pallet, but it also improves the difficulty in materials handling.

slip sheet handling with pallet change

Green economy: advantages of pallet elimination

Compared to the pallet, slip sheet is a more efficient green solution than pallet from the cost reduction point of view. In fact, thanks to slip sheet is possible to save raw materials because of the less quantity of wood needed by this tool compared to the pallet. Furthermore, is a circular tool, so it can be reusable as the pallet is.

However, if you use slip sheets even your CO2 emissions will decrease. Moreover, thanks to his lower dimensions, you will be able to deliver more products with a single shipment. Consequently, you will register a great decrease of global shipments. Moreover, the height is another factor which influence the cost of the shipment. Using slipsheet you will be able to save more on transportation costs.

The economic consequences of green advantages are clear, but we have more. In fact, decreasing transportation costs and necessary shipments, you will save costs even regarding the operator. This happens because the time to charge and discharge the products will be cut at about 50%.

How to eliminate the pallet from your production flow

At this point is clear how slip sheet support is the best solution to handle products. However, it still remains the slip sheet loading problem. In fact, in each company still arrive products on classic wooden pallet. Consequently, it is necessary to change the pallet in order to use the slip sheet.

Some companies, Today use both supports together in order to deliver only the second one, but using the pallet to move the load into their warehouse. In this way, the advantage of internal slip sheet handling isn’t exploited.

Regarding the products slip sheet handling you can choose between different possible solutions. However, only few of them are able to improve your production flow. The first possibility is to manually change the pallet, but it is not recommended because of the time your operator will have to dedicate to this operation with no added value to the process. Consequently, they will waste a great part of the cost reduction of slip sheet loading operation.

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