Handling equipment within the meat, poultry, & seafood Industries

The contamination of products and debris represents a continuous risk during the processing and packaging of meat, poultry, and seafood. Therefore, as well as the obligation to comply with stringent hygiene and health standards, TopIndustries offers pallet changers capable of handling materials for industries that produce and manage meat, poultry, and seafood. 

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With our equipment, in addition to speeding up production processes and saving on operator costs, you can maintain a clean and sanitized working environment at every stage of the food handling process.

With TopIndustries, there is a different approach to providing solutions. We estimate that a pallet changing solution, mobile or stationary, is often required to address the complex challenges in the meat, poultry, and seafood industries. If you manage materials for these industries and have a small or large structure, our experts will help you in every way possible to find a solution suitable for your specific need.

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Why is there a need for pallet changers in these industries?

First, logistics efficiency is improved, which plays a decisive role in the competitiveness of many industrial realities, especially if the health emergency, after changing consumer habits, has added new complex factors to the production and distribution chain. 

One of the main peculiarities certainly concerns the maintenance of the cold chain. Food products such as meat, chicken, or seafood must always be carefully controlled and managed. Nowadays, to have a high level of quality and service, it is of fundamental importance to have all product handling processes under control, from when it enters the warehouse to when it comes out as a finished product. 

Automating its production processes with pallet changing systems, stationary or in-line solutions with roller conveyors is a critical choice that allows companies to follow new market trends, accentuated even more by the global pandemic. One of these is undoubtedly the tendency to receive ever smaller and more frequent orders. This factor in food logistics determines a need to manage food products in a very limited time.

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The implementation of automatic pallet change offers many advantages:

  • Speed ​​up the pallet replacement operation
  • Save time 
  • Save money on operator costs
  • Efficiency of energy consumption
  • More working conditions, fewer workplace injuries
  • Safety for operators and products
  • Increase in productivity

An automatic pallet changer can be concentrated in a single area at a controlled temperature, with the consequent decrease in costs linked to speeding up the production process.

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Store your products easily with our pallet changers

Producing colds have a vital cost, which is why many companies in the refrigeration industry that need to store products such as meat, chicken, or seafood have equipped themselves with photovoltaic systems to optimize energy consumption. Companies in these industries are always looking for solutions that allow savings in consumption, which are reflected both in an economic return and sustainability, an increasingly topical issue.

TopIndustries’ pallet inverter help contains operator costs and reduces the space required to perform the pallet change operation. As a result, spaces are reduced to a minimum, and temperature changes are significantly lower as TopIndustries solutions, in addition to optimizing storage density, save energy.

With TopIndustries, the automatic and manual pallet exchanging solutions are also operational in environments below 0 ° C, as they are designed with special precautions to cope with difficult operating conditions. In these environments, for example, it is imperative to avoid freezing internal liquids (motors, brakes, etc.) or slipping wheels, gears, or tools for gripping and handling goods.

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Automates your pallet exchanging operation

Maintaining a safety level in automation requires an item of significant expenditure on ideas and projects. The pallet changer solutions, which lift and move the products, are equipped with safety systems in place to carry out the operations autonomously. We have a wide range of production, which includes high energy-saving machinery (with controllable efficiency peaks), which allow for the recovery of energy that can be diverted to other plant systems, such as refrigeration systems.

In addition to energy efficiency, another important achievement brought by automation in pallet changing logistics certainly concerns the level of automation combined with the speed achieved by TopIndustries. Our automated solutions can change about 100 pallets per hour. Again, a speed never achieved before. 

TopIndustries has in-line pallet changing machines capable of storing goods, controlling product sequencing, managing product and pallet inventory, and other advanced picking and order preparation functions. With our automatic pallet changers, it is possible to manage food products (including refrigerated ones) and carry out the weighing and pricing of products at a controlled temperature, allowing you to customize the labeling process according to customer needs.


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Fully automatic pallet inverters

Our automatic pallet inverters allow you to speed up order preparation activities while preserving the cold chain. The products are directly moved inside the cold room, with constant and controlled temperatures, before being positioned correctly to carry out the pallet replacement operation. Our solutions greatly facilitate operations and make the entire activity more flexible, including the preparation of shipments.

Another advantage of our automatic solutions is the traceability of the products. In the food sector, particularly meat, chicken, and fish, there are different regulations to be respected to protect products and operators.

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Pallet inverter during pandemic periods

Even in pandemic periods, maintaining a constant production flow and respecting all available standards are crucial. This is possible thanks to the solutions of TopIndustries. 

Among others, the advantages of our automatic solutions are indeed the increase in productivity and the reduction of costs, as the TopIndustries pallet changers allow an increase in storage volumes with the same space used and a reduction in the manpower necessary to manage the operation of replacing the pallet and its management.

Do not hesitate to contact us. One of our experts will be immediately available to provide the solution of a pallet inverter / pallet turner that best suits your specific need!