Why do you need to change pallet?

pallet inverter

In the pharmaceutical and Food industry, proper hygiene is essential to prevent any kind of contamination that can affect the quality of medicinal/food products.
When it comes to delivering the highest quality standards of pharmaceutical and food products, key hygiene factors need to be upheld. High levels of cleanliness and sanitation must be practiced through all stages of manufacturing through a comprehensive screening – from the personnel working in manufacturing plant to the production process.
For GMP-compliant production unit, it is crucial to follow tailored hygiene strategies.
Top Industries pallet changer allows pharmaceutical and food companies to compliant to GMP regulations. The delivery of raw materials takes place through a wooden pallet. which are dusty, dirty, and not sanitized. Before entering the production area, the Top Industrie’s pallet changer allows a quick and simple replacement of the pallet, with a controlled and sanitized one. This is usually a plastic or aluminium pallet wich allows a safe entry into the production area.
Worldwide customers have relied on our solutions to comply with health and hygiene standards to ensure high levels of cleanliness in the production process

Many multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, logistics, transport etc. sectors use standardized pallets for effective management of production and warehouse.

Often, many different suppliers are involved in the delivery of raw materials, ingredients, or packaging material. All with their own way of working and their own kind of pallets, this makes it difficult for internal logistic management.

Top Industries provides pallet changer solutions to replace incoming pallets with standard pallets used in the production process,

Within operations management, pallet standardisation is a crucial factor. This can help to make internal process more efficient, as well as reducing the costs to the business.

There are several benefits to standardising pallets, all of which can help bring about a more streamlined system, whuch improves productivity levels and reduces costs.

plastic pallets
plastic pallets

During the handling or trasportation process, there is a possibility that the operator may damages the products.

Damage usually occurs at the base of the pile of goods. This causes a waste of time for the operator who now has to remove the damaged product and recompose the entire pile manually.

Top Industries pallet changers speed up this operation allowing the operator to remove and replace the damaged products immediatly.

The daily need/requirement for companies to ship a consistent number of pallets all over the world is constantly growing. For this reason, Top Industries recommends a pallet change solution, which is able to deliver products on cheaper pallets to customers and suppliers. As well as keeping a higher quality pallet in the warehouse.
Usually, the products are shipped on wooden pallets, however, most of the time they are never returned to the sender. Top Industries gives the opportunity to save the cost of the shipping pallet by replacing the quality pallet with a less expensive one: this replacement allows one to save money!
At the same time, Top Industries pallet exchanger solutions offers the possibility to deliver loads and products on different pallets according to the supplier and customers demands.

pallet changer in shipping on required and cheaper pallets
wooden pallets

During the handling of loads, their is a possibility that after the transport, the load was damaged or the operators accidentally damaged the pallet while handling it.
In this case, a quick replacement of the pallet is neccesary to have a new and stable pallet suitable for a safe warehouse that is automatically handled or for a simple internal process.
Usually, this operation is carried out manually because it involves a considerable workforce, and for this reason, Top Industrie’s pallet changers devices allow you to automate and accelerate the operation.

Pallet Tipper L-Shape offers the possibility to insert and remove the freeze spacers between the products layers to all the companies that work with frozen food.

Normally this operation takes a lot of time for the operator because they will need to remove or manually add all the freeze spacers.

With Top Industrie’s pallet changers devices this process will automate the operation, reduce the workforce, and most importantly speed up the operation.

When its time to defrost the products and remove the spacers, our solutions is required in order to speed up the operation process.