Slip sheet loading system for green economy

Slip sheet loading system by TopIndustries

Everyone all over the world use the pallet. However, in the market exist some alternative solutions which improve pallet performances as the slip sheet. This tool can replace the pallet as principal support in material transportation integrate by Top Industries slip sheet loading system. Think to how many pallets people use in the world. That’s enough to understand the importance of this change.

The slip sheet improves pallet performances on different point of view, but before talking about it, let’s talk about what it is and how it works.

Slipsheet is a support for the material transportation where products stand during the shipment. It’s thin and without any grooves. As every tool, it has advantages and disadvantages. Thinking only about his shape, thin and without grooves, it brings advantages in terms of less space need compared to the pallet, but it also improves the difficulty in materials handling.

slip sheet loading system

Green economy: advantages of pallet elimination

Compared to the pallet, slip sheet is a more efficient green solution than pallet from the cost reduction point of view. In fact, thanks to slip sheet is possible to save raw materials because of the less quantity of wood needed by this tool compared to the pallet. Furthermore, is a circular tool, so it can be reusable as the pallet is.

However, if you use slip sheets even your CO2 emissions will decrease. Moreover, thanks to his lower dimensions, you will be able to deliver more products with a single shipment. Consequently, you will register a great decrease of global shipments. Moreover, the height is another factor which influence the cost of the shipment. Using slipsheet you will be able to save more on transportation costs.

The economic consequences of green advantages are clear, but we have more. In fact, decreasing transportation costs and necessary shipments, you will save costs even regarding the operator. This happens because the time to charge and discharge the products will be cut at about 50%.

How to eliminate the pallet from your production flow

At this point is clear how slip sheet support is the best solution to handle products. However, it still remains the slip sheet loading problem. In fact, in each company still arrive products on classic wooden pallet. Consequently, it is necessary to change the pallet in order to use the slip sheet.

Some companies, Today use both supports together in order to deliver only the second one, but using the pallet to move the load into their warehouse. In this way, the advantage of internal slip sheet handling isn’t exploited.

Regarding the products slip sheet handling you can choose between different possible solutions. However, only few of them are able to improve your production flow. The first possibility is to manually change the pallet, but it is not recommended because of the time your operator will have to dedicate to this operation with no added value to the process. Consequently, they will waste a great part of the cost reduction of slip sheet loading operation.

Inline pallet inverter

The importance of slip sheet loading systems

Alternatively, Top Industries provides the best pallet changer devices for every type of product, workflow, warehouse and automation level required. We are specialized in product transfer on every support with our custom based pallet exchanger.

We will help you to choose your suitable pallet changer and the automation level that best suits you. In our range of production, you will find mobile or stationary pallet exchanger and pallet transfer systems which increasingly optimize your slip sheet loading process.

If you would like to receive deeper information on slip sheet loading devices explore our pallet exchangers.

After the slipsheet loading process, you will be able to manage your slipsheet as a pallet using a forklift or a pallet truck. At the same time, you will improve the efficiency of your processes dramatically decreasing the cost of work or cost of material handling.

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