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designed in 2022

Discover our new push pull attachment capable of handling the slip sheet in a very safe and fast way. We usually add this solution to our pallet transfer systems for pallet exchanging. This is the advanced alternative of forklift pusher attachment!

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In the pallet handling processes there are critical component and without them, it is going to be difficult to move certain loads.

However, often much importance is not given to attachments, which result in poor planning of the total operations and also potential damage to your goods, or worse sometimes personal injury too.

Since there are so many different varieties of attachments available, therefore, it is important that you select the right type for your application which can lead to:

  • Much safer handling;
  • Reduction of product damage;
  • Increased productivity.

The push pull attachment has been designed specially to handle the slip sheets. It will use a few hydraulic functions for operating the panel and gripper. You can easily connect it to any standard forklift that is also ISO 9001 certified.

Our push-pull attachment can replace the standard forklift’s attachment that is connected to your forklift through a certain hydraulic pipe. 

Our new system will just pull the slip sheet onto the flat panel. The same idea applies to unloading as well. You are now in the shipping-ready position when the panel puts the slip sheet onto another panel

In place of conventional pallets, thin, flat corrugated cardboard, plastic, or other types of laminated paper supports are referred to as slip sheets.

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What is a slip sheet? What is a push pull attachment?

Paperboard, plastic, metal, corrugated or solid fiberboard are all common materials for slip sheets. The majority of unitized products, including those that are bagged, cylinder, boxed, and unboxed, can be used using slip sheets. Some slip sheets only weigh one pound but are capable of supporting loads up to 4,000 lbs.

Many different industries use bottled beverages, chemicals, paper, building materials, and bagged products like rice, seed, or cement, and are quite popular because forklift operators can quickly move products without even lifting them. To obtain stability, often loads are shrink-wrapped.

For proper use of slip sheets, a forklift should be supported by a suitable attachment which is known as a push-pull. Instead of forks, this kind of hydraulic attachment will use polished and tapered platens.

To justify its name, push-pull attachments will either pull loads by just gripping the slip sheet’s end or push loads out of the platens just onto the floor or on to pallet’s top or other product. Platens can also be adjusted hydraulically from side to side to help access and egress.

slip sheet attachment
slip sheet and slipsheets

Several different varieties of push-pull attachments are available like fork-mounted and dedicated. A dedicated push-pull can be a more permanent mount for any business that exclusively uses certain slip sheets.

When the operator has to move a pallet, then he will use the hydraulics of the attachment to bring the platens together which will form something like wide forks. Contrarywise, while handling slip sheets, platens can be spread apart.

The following are 5 forklift attachments that can be used, not including our new system: 

  1. Side shifters

A side shifter attachment is beneficial since it speeds up pallet loading and reduces fuel and pallet damage. Additionally, it aids in increasing warehouse space use.

People tend to use these kinds of attachments the most in the food and beverage, construction, paper handling, and agriculture industries.

  1. Paper clamps for push pull attachemnt

You may boost productivity in your paper handling processes by using paper clamps, also called paper roll attachments. It does assist in keeping your roll undamaged.

Paper clamps are created and developed for optimal effectiveness. In the paper and printer handling sector, these attachments are utilized often. It is unquestionably appropriate for a variety of machines.

Having this type of attachment will be very helpful if your business is in the paper sector. Paper claps speed up handling times and lessens paper roll damage. With appropriate damage reduction mechanisms, it can handle 180⁰ or 360⁰ rotation.

  1. Push pull attachment

Using the push/pull attachment is a sensible choice. A cheap slip sheet is used in place of standard wooden or plastic pallets to improve the volume of shipping. Typically, push/pull attachments are fastened to a typical forklift truck and can be rapidly unfastened to resume handling pallets.

Push/pull attachments are great since they can be easily taken off and put back on any forklift. This push/pull attachment will work well if your products and goods already have slip sheets. Fork-mounted units are also an option because they can be taken off in a matter of minutes.

  1. Multiple pallet handler

The fact that multiple pallet handlers can each handle one pallet makes them valuable. The forks can also be spread hydraulically to lift, haul, and side-shift numerous pallets simultaneously.

As adaptable as it is, this attachment can maneuver in tight spaces and increases material handling efficiency by requiring fewer visits to complete a task.

Multiple pallet handlers are advantageous because they increase the number of pallets that can be handled at once and speed up loading and unloading. It also reduces the number of truck maneuvers that are necessary.

  1. Fork extensions

Consider getting fork extensions if you want to give the forks on the lift trucks a little bit more length. In order to handle the occasional awkwardly long and heavy load that extends over the tips of the basic fork arms, fork extension sleeves were created.

Fork extensions provide stability and secure handling for a range of loads, from large to tiny. Under typical operating circumstances, it keeps its truck mobility. This attachment will be a terrific idea if you work in the manufacturing, shipping, or retail sectors of the economy.

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Conclusion on slip sheet attachment 

Side shifters are the most useful and also commonly used attachments forklift companies use today. It enables moving a load from one side to another. Without maneuvering your entire forklift vehicle, you can make any small adjustments to your pallet alignment.

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